Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Super Quick Product Review: Rice Dream Supreme

Hey, Vanilla.
Hey, Hazelnut.
Hey, Fudge.

Just for the fun of it, I wanted to give some love to this Rice Dream Supreme Vanilla Hazelnut Fudge bar I nearly swooned over last weekend.
It was really good! It's coated in dark chocolate, the ice cream is comfortably vanilla with a tint of my favorite nut and is remarkably creamy for a rice based ice cream.

Yeah, yeah, I know this is mostly the girl who tried mint chocolate Rice Dream seven years ago and quickly abandoned that icy pint, talking, and nondairy desserts have consistently improved and impressed over the years. I have friends that seem to swear by Good Karma's Carrot Cake. I thought it was alright, sorry!

The best part of the satisfying bar, though?
It was fifty freaking cents from the Hollywood Grocery Outlet.
It was the highlight of that quirky grocery outing.

Coming Soon:
Another new vegan cart in Portland: Ruby Dragon PDX at the North Mississippi Marketplace
Portland's VegFest
The Exquisite Vegan Dinner at Belly Timber
Vegan Eats in Spokane, WA
...and my site is moving!


Erica said...

i remember chatting w/you once about Rice Dream and we both thought it was gross. it is hard for me to believe that it's good now!

Carrie™ said...

It looks like a Hagen Daas! I'm definitely going to look for these.

The Voracious Vegan said...

Oh stop PLEASE! I haven't had vegan ice cream in over 2 years...when we left the states I had no idea I was saying goodbye to one of my favorite things ever. There is NO dairy free vegan ice cream in this part of the world at all. It breaks my heart. And somehow, making my own just doesn't compare. Have one for me please!

Abigail S. Bean said...

I'm not a fan of rice-based products either, but try their rice dream sandwich. You can get chocolate or mocha ice cream between 2 oatmeal cookies and completely covered in dark chocolate; it's ridiculous.

*sometimes WF has them on sale for $1 instead of $1.50

bjorkedoff/drowninginademitasse said...

have you seen the rice dream ice cream bites?those look phenomenal,but i haven't tried them.
and y'know what,i hear from practically everybody that they hate rice dream,but looove the 'novelties',so to each their own i guess.
remember when we went to hollywood grocery outlet?yeah,i do!

couchSpud said...

50 cents, eh? Sounds like the perfect midsummers treat!

Anonymous said...

after a creepy, gritty experience with rice milk i've pretty much given the finger to the entire rice-as-dairy family. perhaps it's time to give it another try.

Anonymous said...

Ya can't beat fiddy cents!

I agree, non-dairy ice creams are so much better than they use to be. I remember eating the stuff as a kid and thinking it tasted like cold, ground-up chalk. Now I can blast through a whole pint, easy. I'm a big fan of Purely Decadent, esp. the Turtle Trails flava.

I just found your blog, good work! I'm visiting Portland in November and can't wait to eat it all up!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

groceout score!

Tami said...

I picked up some Rice Dream Bites last night, and they're okay, but nothing great. There's some sort of after-taste with Rice Dream ice creams. My kids liked them and I'd probably get them again, but nothing I'd rush out to buy.

Anonymous said...

While the product itself is good, the manufacturer service is HORRIBLE!

I had some concerns I needed to check into before making the purchase and after about a day of calling around I got someone in marketing from the Canada office who knew nothing and I mean nothing about the product. Funny enough she said she promotes it and knows everything inside out.

Hain Celestial should save themselves and stop hiring dumb marketers...maybe that is why we don't even see the product in most stores.

Besides that the product itself is very good, and I am glad I could find answers to my concerns on food blogs.

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