Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend Seitan & Belmont Street Fair

Organic IPA

Remember how I despise hot weather? Oh, you don't? What are you doing? It's the theme of my site come May. Welcome aboard! When my birthday passed in early September, I thought we could put the hot hot behind us, but it returned last weekend. September is actually flying by for me, but I'm still talking about it like it's been weeks and weeks already. Anyway, the point here is that I started out the hot weekend on a hot Friday meeting some vegan pals for happy hour at Hopworks Urban Brewery for an organic IPA. It's an eco-brewpub with all organic brews located on SE Powell, a quick bike ride from my dwelling.

I was having an uber social evening and met up with PPK pals at the Bye & Bye for dinner, but my first round of vegan friends for the night sampled the tofu ricotta'd vegan pizzas Hopworks offers and the feedback seemed to be fairly positive:

I liked the looks of the crust.

Keeping with the PPK-ness, here's another dish from Isa's in-progress 'Healthy' Cookbook -

Braised Seitan and Cabbage (simmered seitan from Veganomicon)

More seitan, more Isa -

Tempeh Scramble from Vegan Brunch,
with more seitan and more veggies I want to name at the moment.

Returning to the heat portion of the weekend, besides these dishes I hid in my cool apartment to make.
A quick venture to the SE Belmont Street Fair. It wasn't super crowded, thank goodness, but it was too warm out for my liking. I walked around, said hi to folks I knew and stopped by my favorite table - the sale at Tao of Tea.

I have a cute tea set from stopping by a few years ago at home~

Picked up a small jar of loose leaf Roasted Mate for $2, heck yeah.


Who remembers the old Paradox sign? I do, I remember when I'd go there at least once a week when I lived in the neighborhood, my first couple years in PDX...

The vintage store next to Paradox had a sale out front (the newer one) -
cute to see at a fair table!

My favorite part besides the tea - this giant circle of grass in the middle of the street! Traffic was blocked off for a few blocks, just the way it should be for a street fair, hint hint, Hawthorne.

Oh, Portland.


Chelsea said...

I thought the tofu sauce at Hopworks was lacking flavor, but happy they are trying. The tomato sauce was very good and lots of good veggies. Glad you joined!

Natalie said...

Hi Jess - I've never posted a comment for you before, though I've been following your blog for a while. Anyway, happy birthday! Also, those teapots are absolutely adorable! Totally worth $3. Do you know how many ounces they hold?

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

I can't believe those teapots were $3!

That Hopworks pizza looks really delicous.. and your food always does, of course!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Woooow that braised seitan is beautiful, just the thing for a nice toasty dinner! What a fun fair, love all the happy photos.

caitysparkles said...

Oh my gosh that looks awesome! Seitan is something I think I really have to try really soon. That really looks extra good.

By the way, I signed up for Vegan MoFo for next month. I got led to here:
Apparently that's official signups for this year? Have you heard of that? Anyway I signed up there. I'm excited! Thanks for letting me know.

bazu said...

oh (why have I never been to) portland.

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