Thursday, November 22, 2007

T-day prep..

T-day prep begins...the simple pastry crust from Veganomicon is in the fridge as I type, waiting to become mini pies.
I had no real prep that I *had* to do the night before, for our simple meal.
Well, the meal won't be simple, but I'm really thinking of it as perhaps, an extensive weekend meal, eaten early, just cooking for two. Since the Sweet Potato pie has already been made and eaten at this past weekend's potluck, I have no more emotional attachment to this holiday besides calling my brother, sister and grandparents (if any of them answer the phone..)

Check out the BIG earth balance containers. I picked up another one yesterday at the coop, because honestly the container on the right has one pat left. But still! Tons of earth balance in this house. I like buying the larger ones (cost $8.99, plus coop discount), so I don't have a ton of empty small ones kicking around. Time to finish the Hazelnut Liquour & Soymilked coffee Thomas just put in front of me..


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your "simple" meal (although I am sure you are not doing yourself justice) for two today!


selina said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I buy the tubs too. I just dont see the point in the little containers.

veganfabulous said...

Your sweet potato casserole recipe saved my ass on Thanksgiving! Thank you!

bazu said...

I've only seen those big tubs of EB once- I wish they sold them around where I live!

Your thanksgiving sounds like my kind of celebration- laid back, only 2 people, and lots of yummy, simple food. Hope you had a great day!

flytouch 3 said...

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