Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Field Roastin' and farmers markets

It's farmer's market time again in Portland, and you know what that means - I start eating a LOT of salad once more. Honestly, the field greens above are store bought that a friend brought over for dinner, but you get the point. Today, the downtown weekday farmer's market opened, and although it was annoyingly rainy, I managed to pick up sweet strawberries and grab lunch from the Hoda's stand. The rain also meant that we could walk around the market freely, ie not bumping into tons of people, strollers and dog (no real offense, it's just a constantly crowded saturday event).

Celebration Roast, VWAV biscuit, gravy and Tommy's mashed potatoes.

Our friend brought over a celebration field roast on Sunday night, which I warmed with asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, shallots, tamari and vegetable broth. This product is MUCH easier to make over tofurkey, and though a little bit too rosemary-riffic for my boyfriend's and my own personal tastes, I quite enjoyed it. I would consider getting it for thanksgiving.
I know you can make seitan roasts, and I have made my own seitan quite a few times, but it's nice to try new things, and this roast takes only 15 minutes to heat, snap snap.
I like that this 'faux meat' is actually not intended to be 'meaty'; rather it's made with butternut squash, apples and mushrooms. I tried some at last year's veg fest, and really liked it, but haven't wanted to spend the money on it. Now that we've had it at home, and other field roasts couple times on excellent sandwiches at Backspace, I really give it a thumbs up.

Ready to warm.

VWAV seitan and herb stuffed mushrooms. Using sun dried tomato and Italian herb seitan o greatness and cashews.

Whole wheat penne with roasted garlic marinara, spinach, grilled tofu, portabella and roasted red pepper. I've eaten a lot of variations pf the above meal lately.

Mucho Margarita and Chocolate Stout cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.
Have I mentioned that I like cooking and baking with liquor?

I picked up more baby boy choy, bulk tofu and chocolate hemp milk from people's coop and their farmer's market tonight, so except reviews and photos next time~

Also, if you're interested in my Grandma's veganized Stuffoli recipe that I photographed a while back, check out the current online edition of Herbivore Magazine's Give it up for Grandma piece. What, you don't subscribe??


Judy said...

I am totally loving salads lately too.

About those cupcakes: wow. I want one of each :)

Urban Vegan said...

I've been meaning to try that roast--I see it in the store all the time. I've also been meaning to make both those cupcakes.

I have to stop "meaning" and start doing.

Mikaela said...

That salad is gorgeous, baby! :D

Rage And Love said...

love your cupcakes!

erica said...

I didn't know sqwerls like to run through mashed potatos. Then again, they are quirky little folk.

Kate said...

You are so lucky to have your farmers market open already. We have to wait until June for that. Yummy cupcakes.

scottishvegan said...

The Field Roast sounds really nice. I will need to have a look for it. Your cupcakes look fab!

Elizabeth said...

About the Celebration Roast--heat? Oh. We've never heated one; my kids love to just eat it plain and cold or on sandwiches!

I was at the rainy opening day for the Wednesday market too, but only got chard, chocolate panini, and some tomato starts.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, yeah, I was going to say that I think the veg fest was the first time we tried Celebration Roast as well. Did they have one this year? I didn't hear about it...or maybe we were just busy that weekend and I didn't pay any heed.

Kati said...

Have I told you how much I love those little squirrel biscuits? Well, I do.

I keep reading about the Celebration Roast but have never seen it in stores. It looks good - better than Tofurkey. Something resembling vegetables is always good.

And you're killing me with those cupcakes. Seriously, I want them for breakfast.

Emmy said...

Sigh, I can't wait for farm market season to begin here. The salad looks great.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Elizabeth - The Vegfest will be next weekend, Friday night for a special talk and all day Saturday at Benson high school - I hope you are able to attend! I'll be volunteering in the morning myself.

Veg-a-Nut said...

Boy I don't know where to begin. Celebrations roasts are fantastic. We had one at Thanksgiving and it was great. Bummer is that our Whole Foods Market only sells them at the holiday season. I checked with the company and you can buy direct, but you have to buy in bulk and I just don't have the funds for that.

Farmers markets are wonderful. We have to drive a pretty far distance to go to a good one, but it is worth it.

This post is just to yummy. Good thing it is almost dinner time. :o)

julie hasson said...

Thanks for coming to Herbivore today Jess!!

See you at Vegfest!


KleoPatra said...

Jess, amazing post here. I love yer new photo, btw, too, thank you for popping o'er to my blog.

Your fake/faux "meet" there looked like corn on the cob that was seasoned, when i first glanced at it, with the little ridges on it and stuff. i'm on some meds for a virus/flu/cold/allergy/whatever it is, so maybe that has something to do with my vision there. My second glance told me otherwise!

i'm a big fan of Farmer's Markets and it's great that you go out there and support the locals. We have 'em here pretty much year 'round and they're as much social events as they are a fab place to get fresh produce, flowers and other goodies.

Luscious cupcakes but i'm more into those stuffed 'shrooms, Jess. That's my kinda snack there!

Yer in HERBIVORE Mag (i'm not a subscriber)? Congrats, Jess!!

"Snap, snap." Hee hee.

The Veggie Vixen said...

Hey there, I was wondering 'bout the veganized version of the Italian treats. Did you ever post it? I thought it would make a nice surprise for my mom on Mother's Day. If you posted it and I missed it then oops!

Anonymous said...

i *adore* all the colors i see in your blog! i miss farmers markets...

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

kleo- thank you!! I'm going to post the stuffed mushroom recipe soon, too!

stonie - welcome!!

veggie vixen - are you referring to the Italian struffoli? That recipe is up on Herbivore, but I can email you it if you like. I keep meaning to post it here but haven't found room yet!
email me at jdfunks@yahoo.com if you want -