Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday night with dinner guests and cactus

Raspberry Almond chocolate chip bars based off the Vegan with a Veganeance recipe.

Raspberry jam layer (for those short on time!) I had friends coming over for dinner last minute and I wanted to make something for dessert within 45 minutes. I'm glad I did because they brought bread for sandwiches, lettuce, wine and cider.Cornmeal battered tofu and Nopal cactus! Served with Newman's Peach Medium salsa and Habanero hot sauce.

Shake and bake bag style by Tommy - mix was whole wheat flour, corn meal, chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder and salt and fresh ground pepper.
Tofu frying (more was requested)-
The tofu was marinaded overnight with a small amount of braggs, agave nectar and peanut oil (I was originally intended this for a peanut sauce stir fry).Ellen ate all the tofu crumbs, the little bitch. <3

Tempeh bacon sandwiches were had once more.


vegancore said...

Those bars look amazing! Thhat recipe is one of my favorites from VwaV.

Cactus? Very interesting! Not something you see at the store every day. :)

Amy said...

Those bars look awesome!

I really like your idea for the tofu w/ peanut sauce. The marinade for that sounds great. Another idea I must steal from you!

Dreena said...

I just checked after just a day I think, and what a cooking extravaganza you've had going on here!! Are you cooking full-time?! :) It all looks great, too!

EatPeacePlease said...

It seriously looks like you are cooking full time... I want to go to all these events and classes with you!!!

Funny people keep talking about cactus. I see them everywhere... on the ground... in the middle of nowhere, in the stores even! I am not joking when I said I could send you some (trade?).

Emily said...

mmm, that tofu looks good! I should try that.

Webly said...

I need to know how everyone liked the fried cactus. I almost went to the store to get some more. Did you char it first? My house still smells of smoke!

SDGvegan said...

mmmm those bars look delicious. The tofu looks delicious as well. I really miss tofu :(

KaiVegan said...

Wow, look at all these goodness on your blog lately!! Awesome, opossum!

How was the cactus, then? I've had those in restaurants but have never tried cooking it at home.

(Leslie, could you send me some cactus, too?)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Vegancore- I swear each bite of the bar was better. At first I was nervous because not only did the cake rise quite a lot, but I only had half the soy yogurt so I subbed the rest with flax meal and soy milk..but a good turn out and bricks of cookie cake leftovers for the office, so they are happy.
Webly chose page 77 of the Artful Vegan at random, and hence the cactus gumbo. I found mine for 99 cents, and she found one for 79 cents.

amy- thank you as well! Peanut sauce over tofu is a recent new love of mine. Steal indeed!

dreena- That is ridiculously sweet, thank you. I just find myself in the kitchen most nights cooking with more steps than I planned to, and I love it. I don't think I want to cook full time, but I'd love to have a cafe one day..and probably cook most of the time.

Leslie- A store actually ordered it for me, and I've had my cactus fill for a while - April 1st starts farmer's market season!!!!
I know you would have had a wonderful time at VegFest~

Emily- try it and let me know what you think! I'm going to do it 'cutlet' size next time.

SDG- Thank you! I've cut down on tofu myself, and soy in general, it's annoying but I feel less bloated, which is excellent.

Kai- thank you! And I take your opossum as a compliment, of course : ) I preferred the cactus breaded and fried to the gumbo, and dipping it in the hot sauce. Very similar to green pepper.

Eve said...

Cornmeal battered tofu -- oh that looks so good!!!

Julie said...

I'm gonna keep it simple:
Looks great!!

Harmonia said...

I will have to try the frying tofu thing!

Emily said...

by the way, what brand of tempeh do you use? I've been using Lightlife and i still haven't attempted the faux bacon, but I just can't imagine it looking like yours does

Fiber said...

Talk to me about the tempeh bacon - what's the flavor like?

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Eve & Harmonia- Give it a try, I hope you enjoy~

Julie- Thank you!

Emily- it is very similar to the Fakin Bacon taste and texture, though I can never get mine *that* thin, it's still freaking tasty. I use a couple different brands of tempeh-whatever is cheapest and organic, but there's one multigrain type that I've been loving..I'll let you know what brand it is next time I get it.

Fiber- Taste wise, it has the smoky salty sweet thing going on, hence the bacon-ness. I like it fried very crispy (yes I did enjoy bacon before going veg).
My marinade is tamari or braggs, maple syrup, tomato paste, liquid smoke and garlic.