Friday, March 24, 2006

Blueberry Pecan Coffeecake and Thomas' dinner to go

This evening I made the Vegan with a Vengeneance coffeecake.
I subbed pecans for the walnuts, and everything else was similar except for rice milk and a bit of leftover coconut milk for the soy milk. I now have two 8x8 pans of deliciousness (twas a great crumb I sampled indeed) - one is a gift and the other I have faith will be eaten in the apartment.
Moist cake, pecans and bluebs Pecan-crumb toppingCakes ready for bakingBaked blueberry coffeecakeWrapped and ready to go for the morning
My boyfriend works nights, and had to go in early tonight, so I figured while the oven was on, I'd get some dinner ready for him. (I'm doing a juice fast today and somehow I survived all this cooking).
There was baked pre-breaded quorn patties with marinara sauce and mozzerella cheese (not veeeegan) with a big side (for many overnight hours and leftovers) of whole wheat spaghetti and broccoli. He also left with a small square of the lovely coffeecake. I'm also amust that 20/20 is about to show a special on how healthy the 'healthy' menu section at America's favorite restaurants are. I'm opting out for Conviction, because I'm beat and lame and am creeped/intrigued at watching Jesse from the first Buffy season. ; ) More importantly..Gunn from Angel!


Dreena said...

Jess, that coffee cake looks deeelish!! I do the same - scooping out the corner to test (usually before it's ready to be cut into)!

About the quorn - you may have had this question before, but do you use (can you find) a brand that doesn't have egg-whites? We don't have quorn in Canada, but I found it in the US and e-mailed the company about if they would do vegan quorn, and they said they weren't 'able' to at that time. So, I'm wondering if there are new products out there. Also, do you know anything about the quorn 'controversy', that it makes people sick, etc? (Personally I think it's probably bunk, but wanted to know if you know more than I do - which is not a lot right now!)... thanks! (btw, don't know how the heck you did a juice fast with that food around!)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Hi Dreena, Unfortunately I think *all* quorn products contain egg whites. My boyfriend recently went from vegan to vegetarian a couple months back, and I think quorn is his favorite old friend, well second to pizza. Personally, I tried it a couple years back when I studied abroad in western europe having no idea what was in it, and didn't really like it, faux chicken is usually too much for me, oy.

vegancore said...

The coffecake looks awesome! I need to make more of the VwaV dessert recipes.

Jesse and Gunn are totally why I tuned into Conviction as well. :)

SDGvegan said...

mmmm that coffeecake looks sooo good.

Ms. Mercedes said...

juice fast? that kicks butt. I'm scared to do any sort of fasting, but know I probably will at some point. If you'd like to give any more details, you have a captive audience in me =)

and as usual, your food looks delicious--mmm coffecake.

EatPeacePlease said...

Talk about yum. Did you ever see my post on the coffee cake (from Candle Cafe cookbook)? It was the best coffee cake ever, but also the same item that is now making me afraid to use the oven.

Your's looks great with the blueberries!

Fiber said...

That coffee cake looks outstanding. And kudos to you for doing the juice fast thing. Was it just one day?

Michelle said...

i so need to get Vegan with a Vengence! i've cooked recipes off her site before (love the punky gingerbread cookies!), but i think i need to own the book!

Wiebke said...

Cranberry Coffee Cake - thanks for your inspiration. It came out great!!!