Thursday, February 02, 2006

There could be cake.

Thankful Thursdays (thanks for the idea Harmonia, I’ve been meaning to do one of these for quite a while)

-Pasta al dente, undercooked the way I like it.
-A renewed love for chickpeas and spinach.
-A growing love for roasted red peppers, which replace tomatoes till late spring.
-Living in Portland and going to restaurants and stores where eggs are the grossest things on the menu.
-An hour and a half of overtime this evening at a Portland Business Alliance event.
-$5 beauty school hair cuts and a new favorite, reliable stylist.
-Weekends when I can actually see my boyfriend and even friends.
-Happy hour at Salvador Molly’s and Indonesian Tahu (tofu and spicy peanut sauce) cheap bites.
-Fresh fresh fresh mimosas
-Organic food amongst creepy shiny fruit and gmos.
-Actually learning to cook, let alone cook tofu and not have it burn/turn out inedible.

-I've been eating and acting healthier!
-Oh, and Thomas and I have our third anniversary this weekend, and he’s wonderful (plus I'm tentatively planning on making my favorite cake recipe).

Product Placement: These are great.

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