Monday, January 30, 2006

Courage Burger-wich and Greens that are Purple

In an effort to not let our leftover sourdough slices spoil, I made yet another sandwich for dinner.
One soy boy okara courage burger that we had frozen after I smuggled a bunch from my last trip to NY (if you have access to these, try them! for my sake!), roasted red peppers, baby spinach, some Vegenaise on one half and Dijonaise on the other (I apparently went all out), and alfalfa sprouts. I never liked mayonaise, but I slowly became a fan of Vegenaise, which is indeed superior to Nayonaise.
For a side, I lightly sauteed organic red kale that is really purple (99 cents a bunch at New Seasons) and a few more pieces of baby spinach in a small bit of olive oil with lemon juice, a teeny spray of braggs, chopped raw almonds and sea salt. Deliciousness.

Don't let the glass fool you. This is an iced coffee with frothy Silk Nog, vanilla torani syrup and a teeny bit of organic cane sugar.


amygeekgrl said...

that burger-wich looks awesome. i've never heard of that brand before. wonder if they carry it around here. i've also never had kale before. hmmm.

oh, i made your spicy oven fries tonight. dee-lish! :)

Elizabeth said...

That meal does look awfully do all your others! Wow, thanks for introducing me to your blog. Can we come over for dinner? ;-) And thank you for the recommendation for where to buy vegan spring roll wrappers--I'll try them! We're in NE, but 37th and se Belmont isn't too far away. In fact, I drive past there on Tuesdays when I pick up my CSA veggies.

Harmonia said...

Purple! It's the new green! LOL

Thanks for the comment! If you do - so Thankful Thursday - let me know and I'll link ya!

sarchan said...

I like your pint glass (even better with your concoction in it, although ale is pretty good too :)) Also, that look like one of the big straws that come with bubble teas?!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Amy- I'm delighted you enjoyed the fries! Give kale a chance, it's a bit tough at first, but it is actually tasty and really good for you.

Elizabeth- Hello from SE Pdx! I hope the market still carries the spring roll wrappers. If they don't, I have over half a pack for you ; )

Harmonia- Purple is totally the new green.

Sarchan- Sadly, not a bubble tea straw- it's my spoon.