Thursday, February 02, 2006

Falafel, kale and a separate pasta dinner.

Falafel mix + water = extremely easy dinner, plus a way to use up some leftover tortillas (not very traditional, but cheap). I supplemented the meal with homemade tahini dressing (in the cup), oven baked fries (just paprika, salt + pepper) and kale sauteed in garlic, olive and almond oil and braggs.

The little pieces are quorn tenders breaded and baked, just like the tofu in the bottom plate. My boyfriend had the quorn with his meal, and I had baked + breaded tofu over mine. The rest was chopped spinach, olive oil & garlic, chopped roasted red peppers, whole wheat rotini and Muir Glen Fire Roasted tomato sauce (my favorite tomato sauce). The breaded pieces were baked vegan parmesan, with sauce and follow your heart mozzerella I had stowed away in the freezer. This cheese alternative is best out there, and melts amazingly - mine looks sad because I wasn't patient to let it melt longer after it was at least after being frozen for a few weeks.


vegancore said...

Mmm, falafel. It owns my soul. I need to make some soon - I've been putting it off due to the frying issue.

sarchan said...

Looks good. Are there vegan Quorn products? When I first went vegetarian, I was living in the UK for a few months, where Quorn abounds, and I quite liked it. But since becoming vegan, I haven't been able to find any of their products that are. It would be awesome, though (especially as a nice break from all the soy faux meat out there).

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

There are no vegan quorn products that I know of. I'm not a quorn fan, but my boyfriend is. Personally I find the stuff too creepy, I tried it a few years ago overseas and couldn't get over that it wasn't actual chicken.

Elizabeth said...

You can get really good pita, which I've had a hard time finding unless I make it myself, at Alberta Co-op. Yum!

I know what you mean about fake meat being too real--if it seems to real I don't like it because I don't eat meat! Besides, there's so much good, real food out there. I haven't tried Quorn, though.