Monday, October 05, 2009

Fakin' Fest 2009!

This past weekend in Portland, fifty+ vegans consumed so much sodium it boggles the mind.

It's also gloriously mind boggling how awesome the first annual Fakin' Fest was.

Just look at this!
Mike's handmolded PIG cake!

All the cool vegans insisted on eating his head first, and we were left with a
pig cake butt at the end of the day.

Dishes ranged from sweet to salty to sweet and salty to savoury and salty and sweet again.
We raised $177.77 that goes directly to Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, all kindly from a donations bucket at a potluck-picnic with a quirky theme. The entire event was word of mouth and internet based! It was even picked up on VegNews' website!
Not a bad turn out on a day it was supposed to rain and an event that wasn't actually postered around town! There's already talk of a Sausagefest (obviously, vegan!) and next year's Fakin' Fest '10!

Onto the splendorous food coma!
To be honest, I didn't try everything - there was SO much! It was overwhelming.
I was so proud!

Vegan Bacon-topped cupcakes

Dark chocolate dipped Bacon - I really enjoyed my piece of this!

Deanna's bacon and leek stuffed yams

Homemade tempeh bacon

Mac & Cheeze with Bacon-y topping

Yam fries - there was a dip with these..I bet it was smokey!

Tina's Spinach Fakin' Quiche

Mini Eggplant Bacon sandwiches

The Spicy Vegan's Potato Skins! with Michelle's Cheezy Biscuits in the background!


Cartopia Baco-Custard - Maple Bacon Ice Cream! by Lucas and Gregg.
Decadent, decadent, decadent.

Heather's Cute Stuffed Mushrooms!

Yeah! Bacon Baklava. This won honorable mention in a contest!

Extra pig cake frosting and a bacon cake!

Michelle's Cheeze Balls! Loved this.

Stef's Coconut Bacon Cupcakes!

Peas....and bacon!

I brought Herb Scalloped Potatoes with
Daiya Cheddar (which I may despise..) and Bac-os.

Melissa's Risotto~

Bacon roll ups!

I also brought Chocolate Chip Cranberry cookies sprinkled with
Alder Smoked Salt. Alder Smoked Salt, of love.

ONE of the two food tables.

Most of the Fakin' fanatics, towards the end of the sunny afternoon.

And finally, I'd like to showcase my personal proof that I did pay attention in elementary school. Your third grade science fair poster had nothing on this!!

Yeah, those are Bac-os spelling out Fakin'.

The event's co-organizer, Maeve, and I are collecting recipes that we'll post here and include in a zine. Please email them to getsconed [at] if you brought a dish and are interested!
Awards! We had awards for Most Creative Fakin' Dish, Best Overall Fakin' Dish, and Best Fakin' Inspired Haiku! The haiku readings were wonderfully dramatic, and dear. The first two awards went to Webly's Chocolate Bacon Dates and a sweet couple's Eggplant BLTs with dipping sauce.
Thanks again to Lightlife, for donating our prizes - Smart Bacon and Fakin' Strips!
And extra special thanks to my friend Erica, for all the artwork!

Thank you to all who came!

tempeh bacon's biggest fan.


Veg-In-Training said...

This is a whole lot of awesome. That pig cake is way adorable.

Heather said...

Now I know exactly how my omni friends and family feel when they see bacon on the Food Network. I never understood that obsession, but now? WOW. So awesome!

Stuff said...

I am eagerly awaiting instructions on how to make those cheese balls. I would have chosen them as best tasting dish.

Erica said...

i'm sad i missed it, i had a killer sore throat. next time!! (also, you are welcome x infinity!!)

Jessie (Vegan-minded) said...

Mmm, I love tempeh bacon. I just made some today actually. What a cool event!

Mike S said...

Wow looks cool...I shoulda went but I feel a bit old for these things.

I usually make raw eggplant bacon in the dehydrator, did anyone bring that?

mare said...

Oh My Hog that funny. Even if I wouldn't eat it, I appreciate the humor.

nora said...

This is too much! All the sweet/savory combos sounds so good! esp the ice cream. you pdxers are seriously the shit. the cake is almost scary!

The Voracious Vegan said...

If there is one thing I must do in my life it is attend the Portland fakin' fest....I'm speechless with awe and glee at the fact that there is an entire festival devoted to vegan bacon! My all time favorite beloved adored food before becoming vegan was bacon....I NEED to go to this festival!

Zoey said...

Everything looks so delicious!

kim g. said...

This is out of control awesome! Everything looks amazing, but those potato skins look especially good to me.

Jess of Veg Out! said...

So many great pictures. That pig cake is too much! I want it! (And it would be the only pig I'd ever eat.) ;)

pixiepine said...

That's a lot of fake bacon. It looks like a great time!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Ha. This is all really amazing stuff.

Mary said...

Truly inspiring. I'll bet bacon/brown sugar cupcakes would be amazing.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Okay, the pig cake freaks me out a bit, but seriously, that is awesome! Especially the poster!

Susan said...

Wow. That is incredible! I love the look of some of the sweet fakin things. Yum!

permanent make up said...

The foods look awesome. I am sure they are delicious.

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