Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Product Review: Bountiful Vegan Cookies

My quick history of packaged vegan cookies.
By: jess

As an early vegan, I really wanted to like Boston Cookies. They were packaged vegan cookies available in both states I spent time in during my college years, New York and Massachusetts. I was excited to find them in random health stores and ate them, even ate the peanut butter blondie that had a lot of nerve going public. Eventually, I learned to pass on them and to bake my own cookies, because I didn't love Boston Cookies. I loved my own cookies and I was so proud of them! And what's the point of a dessert that's not truly satisfying? Silly, desperate vegan.

Nowadays, there are tons of tastier packaged vegan cookies, I have the options of vegan bakeries in Portland, vegan cookies at vegan-friendly coffee shops, restaurants & carts and homemade cookies. My god, this makes me remember the day I discovered Mint Newman-Os...

But I digress. It's time for a product review.

When Bountiful Vegan offered to send me free samples, I said yes. 1) I like free things. 2) I like sharing free things. 3) I was curious!

I first visited their website, and wondered if it was for real, there's do you say..Cafe Gratitude vibe to it. These cookies are looking to do a little more than feed your sweet tooth, if you get what I mean:

You must state your intention accompanied by a good feeling to attract what you want. Each delicious cookie has a powerful written statement of intent inside the package.

How trippy! How curious!



I broke these out at a cocktail party a couple months ago with vegans and omnis, all foodies, actually. The biggest winner was the Chocolate Chip Orange, which sure had an orange ting. Personally, I wasn't a fan of that one and preferred the Pineapple Coconut - it wasn't your everyday cookie. The runner up favorite of the group was the Lemon Snickerdoodle - a tangy take on the sugar coated classic. It was a sturdy cookie-they were all on the firm side, they're travelling cookies, after all. Had it not been a cocktail party, I would have tried dunking into milk or coffee. Again, everyone seemed to dig the three cookies I wasn't into, strange day.

The names are really, really great.

So, would I buy these? As a vegan Portlander, it's not realistic and I have options I prefer all around me. I'm pretty sure I passed two vegan bake sales on my way to work. Even Whole Foods makes freshly baked vegan cookies. I can't resist freshly baked vs. packaged, who can?

That being said, I'm all for these inspired cookies hitting regional cafes and health stores that are missing vegan treats!


Abigail S. Bean said...

Liz Lovely Chocolate Moosedragons. Try 'em fresh, almost frozen, warm, or hot. They are soooo good.

Debra said...

Thanks for the review!
Debra @ Vegan Family Style

nora said...

I just love how you crushed them up in a big pile. great photo! said...

You photographed them so much better than I did! I really liked the chocolate orange and the choc chip chocolate one too.

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Amazing post. I think my vegan friend would love this.

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