Friday, May 22, 2009

Whiffies pies, dinners, friends, riceballs

Do you see what is photographed below?  It is a mini, deep fried, apple pie.  I can't believe I've been eating quite healthy the past few weeks, and yet, those words are being typed, that those words were experienced!  The Whiffies deep fried pie cart opened up at SE 12th and SE Hawthorne (walking distance from my apartment!) last weekend by Potato Champion!, and Ms. Strawberryrock and myself just happened to walk by during their first evening.  It was a soft opening and poor us, only the vegan fruit pies were being offered.  My apple pie was hot, flaky and filled with small chunks of apples and delicious apple ooze.  That's right.

Vegan apple pie

We sat outside the cart and enjoyed the late night liveliness around us.  There was a DJ cart for pete's sake.  Of course, afterwards I felt a little...deep fried, and I knew this wasn't something that could be a frequent indulgence from the get go, but I liked it.  I would have died had there been a drizzle of icing, so it's probably best there wasn't.  I've been immersed in focused greens consumption to preparation for trying their new savory vegan chicken pot pies and, in the future, they're supposed to have vegan fried chicken seitan.  Come on.  

SE 12th carts.  The fries at PC! are the best, 
and the Creperie *just* started offering a vegan crepe!


The new Whiffies cart

Since I'm already skipping the final NYC food porn post til next week, let's continue onto more food in PDX I've enjoyed & created.  Daylight! photos! gasp!

The jdfunks burrito

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I was in the mood for a burrito, and that is rare.  I'm really a crispy person.  Me + texture = great friends.  This tortilla held lightly seasoned short grain brown rice, baby spinach, smoky pinto spread, hot sauce, homemade almond cheeze (based on the recipe from Real Food Daily) and noochy breaded seitan

Seitan sausage, garlic, mushrooms & collards

This dinner features two types of homemade steamed sausages, both of the spicy variety.  One was based on Isa's Chorizo in Vegan Brunch and the other from Artful Vegan.

Hodge podge meal including the dish above, a leftover tamale from Paula of Semicircular Vegan, brown rice, smoky pinto dip, etc. etc. etc.  She brought them to a party I threw last weekend with a sub-theme of late 1990s WB shows I watched and it was a super fun time! I can't even begin to describe how productive cutting out Buffy and Felicity quotes made me feel.

Yesterday I stopped by the Eastbank Farmers Market for goodies including basil, Hot Lips black raspberry soda and one of Toddbott's rice triangles.  One my my favorite stands, no question.  


IsaChandra said...

How did you have leftover tamales? Did you notice that they were Jessed?

I kind of want an apple pie now.

aimee said...

Your whole Portland food cart phenomenon is amazing to me! We have nothing like this. Sigh. Yet another reason to add to the list of reasons why Portland needs to be visited!

Elyse said...

Oh, all of these dishes look amazing. That seitan...mmm delicious! But, you know, my mind keeps going back to that incredible apple turnover. Man oh man. What a great looking treat!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I briefly microwaved it and then spooned sauce onto it, you creep - what should I have done? I noticed they were jessed! Thank you guys so much.
If you make a pie, don't be a stranger, and make it with mcintosh.

Aimee - do it! visit!

East Village Vegan said...

Wow a deep fried vegan apple pie. We have nothing like that on the east coast (at least I don't think so). Anyway, the seitan dishes look great. I'm still buying the asian mock duck canned kind, but would love to try and start making it fresh and homemade. Now I'm inspired to do so. Thanks!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

My love for this post only slightly outweighs my bitterness that you have access to deep fried pies, yo. And now I really must get my hands on a black raspberry soda.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Dang, we need food carts in SF! That's bonkers! Man, I always miss Paula when we're in each other's towns, it's crazy.

Mary said...

I don't have the self control to live somewhere that vegan friendly. The only reason I'm not 4,000 pounds is there are not vegan pie carts roaming the streets of Bangor, Maine. I am jealous, but also intimidated.

Jo Stockton said...

That apple pie looks so ridiculously amazing. I can't even imagine how I would react to those food carts. Option paralysis!

DJ Karma said...

DJ Cart? That's cool! Wanna make some pies now.

veggievixen said...

yummm. vegan food carts? i have got to see this. delicious seitan!!

Wheeler's Crew said...

All the seitan dishes look incredible!

bjorkedoff said...

after helena bonham carter,i'm most often told that i resemble calista flockhart.

jh said...

I used to live right down the street from there--in Ladd's Addition (SE Locust street). Great memories and wonderful vegan food in PDX!

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Dawn said...

1) Whiffies is pretty much genius, and perfect for late night snack attacks
2) The jdfunks burrito looks quite epic
3) I really need to visit Hot Lips next time I visit PDX. I've passed it a million times but am usually on my way to some other dining edifice.

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