Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An Experiment with TEESE.

Will this cheeze melt?????


Teese is in the house! Overall, I'm a satisfied customer, especially since this product is still technically in development.

It's quite similar to Follow Your Heart in terms of solid texture, taste and look, but then it improves onward.
The flavor is milder and yet tastier than FYH, and there aren't as many trick to melting.
Get yourself a hot oven, and a good amount of teese, and go from there.

I did find that my teese melted easier when sliced as opposed to shreds, but I did small shreds so that is likely the the culprit here. My melting actually happened towards the end of cooking, so keep an eye on your timer and oven. It melts differently than other fakes cheezes. It also becomes less of a pool of cheeze once you give it a couple minutes out of the oven,which I liked.

Broiling did help, but once the teese browns, all melting potential has halted.

I don't see myself ordering anymore online, but it was sure exciting to actually try!

Ideally, I want to be able to order this from local pizzerias. Hammy's, I'm talking to you!

I like Hammy's breadsticks better than the actual pizza, but if they had Teese, I'd find myself actually ordering something when Thomas does.

I can appreciate FYH, but I can also be not in the mood to eat it melted. With Teese, that did not happen.
Funny, sad truth - the first pizza I made with teese, sauce and mushrooms actually fell on the floor. I kinda saved some of it, and melted some more teese and shrooms on, as seen above.


And my first try, a slice of pizza toast:

I touched the cheeze when it came out of the oven on that toast, and it sorta 'oozed'.
Which was honestly fun to see with a vegan cheeze~

If you want to try teese, contact them and order some (there is a wait), contact local establishment and ask them to offer it, and be patient. Good things shall come your way.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for melty cheeze!

flippin' vegan said...

I really appreciate the play-by-play on the TEESE. Thanks for posting this!

springsandwells said...

I'm enjoying all your cool "product review" posts lately.

You know, I used to be such a big time cheese eater. Especially after living in Italy, I even became a little bit of a cheese snob. Nowadays, I've just had to decide to live without cheese, because I just can't get excited about any of the vegan cheezes I've tried. Although some of the Cheezly spreads are good.

Is it vegan blasphemy to admit that I miss the flavor and texture of cheese?


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I liked it; no more FYH for me! Although I'm not a big faux cheese eater. The pizza looks YUM!

VeganFabulous said...

I will be placing my order for Teeze immediately!!! I don't know how large of a company FYH is, but they better come up with as strategy to compensate for the new kid on the block!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Now you've got me psyched to try the teese that's sitting in my fridge!

Tami said...

Jess, I saw your post at the PPK and agree that we like it better in slices than shredded for pizza.

Yummy looking pizza, even if it did fall on the floor.

Bianca said...

Oh, I'm so excited!!! I love it when new vegan cheeses come out. I need to order some before it gets too hot down here to deliver. I'm scared to order perishables in Memphis in the summer. I'm also too cheap to pay for those shipping cooler packs.

Judy said...

Wow, melting vegan cheese - amazing!

Animal-Friendly said...

All of this Teese is making me go insane! I don't know how many more pictures of ooey, gooey melted vegan cheese I can see before buying some (even though it is rather expensive).

I love your vegan cheese reviews you've been doing! I'll admit that I haven't missed cheese one bit since going vegan, and I still don't, but I'm thinking it may be fun to find the perfect vegan cheese!

funwithyourfood said...

hmm it looks like actual mozzarella so I'm tempted to try. I've never really tried fake cheeze before...

thanks for the review and sorry you dropped the pizza. I HATE it when that happens...
have you ever been STARVING, cook yourself a meal so good you salivate (mostly b/c you were already hungry) but then it tumbles to the floor in slow motion?? MAN, I wanted to cry once when that happened lol... I was just SO hungry. anyhoo- it reminded me of that


Melody Polakow said...

I can't wait to try it..

Kate said...

Wow melted cheese, wow.

vegetalion said...

thank for the review! I keep wondering how it is... there's a pizza place near me that uses it - I'll have to try some!

Kara said...

No worries about pershiability. Teese is supposed to last unopened at room temperature for three months, from what I've heard.

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