Saturday, January 05, 2008


Thomas and I ended up hosting a PPK New Year's Eve Party last week, and it was a blast. We maybe had 9 or 10 people at most, which included Susie of Parsnip Parsimony, Webly of Fueled by Popcorn, Maeve of StrawberryRock, Rory of the PPK and more.

Here are some food pics..

betweenxmasandny 073

The full spread, featuring Susie's (and her hands and camera) Boozilicious Rummy Booze Cake, and the excellent Chestnut Pate from Nomicon that Webly brought.

betweenxmasandny 069

Baked gyozas. I bought pre-made wrappers at fubonn, and the filling is mixture of sauteed nomicon baked seitan (with asian flavors), garlic, ginger, yellow squash, carrots, maiitake mushrooms, veg. mushroom oyster sauce, hoisin, tamari and crushed red pepper, lightly sprayed with oil and baked for 15-20 on each side at 375F.

betweenxmasandny 062

Miso Grilled Tofu and Seitan - based on the The Artful Vegan recipe for miso broiled eggplant

betweenxmasandny 065

Tofu Dill Sour Cream - based on the Voluptuous Vegan recipe available here
It was alright, but I added some garlic and more spices, and I still think it needed more, but I also knew I was out of touch on what sour cream should taste like
(I was aiming for more of a dip, though sour cream was appropriate for what it went on).

betweenxmasandny 067

Baked Potato Skins - scooped, brushed with a garlic butter (obviously Earth Balance), baked for 15 minutes, plopped on some zestied nomicon cheezy sauce, smoky crumbled tempeh and black olives, baked another 15 minutes.

betweenxmasandny 064

Coconut Red Curry Peanut Sauce

betweenxmasandny 063

Eggplant Caviar served over fresh chard - the The Artful Vegan. I wasn't too crazy about this, but it was pretty.

betweenxmasandny 059

Tamari Roasted Chickpeas - Eat, Drink & Be Vegan.
So easy, and at least the 4th time I've made them.

hunch punch

Thomas made some Hunch Punch, aka Jungle Juice, aka Booze Juice.

betweenxmasandny 058

VWAV Chocolate Chip Cookies - with butterscotch chips and chocolate lentils.
I picked up a ton of pastel chocolate, mint and coffee lentils in NYC and Brooklyn.....
(The .... meaning more to come!)


Jenny Wren said...

I've been eyeing those roasted chickpeas in your other posts. They look so good.
(Nutmeg sends her regards.)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Daaaamn, I want in on that feast!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Wow, I agree with the urban housewife. I've never seen so many vegan foods all on one table!

Tina said...

Oh! I SO wish I was there to enjoy that lovely food! Mmm, looks SO good!!

VeggieGirl said...

oh my goodness gracious - too much delicious food at one party!! looks fabulous!! and wow, I'm quite intrigued by the chocolate lentils - they look just like pastel M&M's!! :0)

VeganFabulous said...

That cake is out of this world!

b36Kitchen said...

BOOZILICIOUS RUMMY BOOZE CAKE!! i wish i could have eaten that on new years!!

i'm also going to be taking your baked gyoza's ingredients and make them for myself.

Vegan_Noodle said...

All that food would have certainly kept me going till midnight and beyond!! And wow, that booze cake looks like it's at least four layers! Great way to ring in the new year.... (and thanks for the chocolate lentil link.. have been trying to find something like that...)

Cakespy said...

Wow, this is an awesome spread, Jess. I could go for a slice of the cake. Maybe two. Or four.

Trevor said...

I love gyozas! I actually found a vegan supermarket gyoza in Boston that isn't half bad.

urban vegan said...

OMG! You Portland vegans are too cool.

Ashasarala said...

I wish I was there! Why do I have to live so far away from all things good? And did I spy a yummy-looking cake on that table?

::tummy rumbling::

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