Thursday, January 31, 2008

Anatomy of a Grocery Trip: Limbo

I'm a big fan of Limbo in SE Portland. First off, it's next door to a Trader Joe's, so I don't even have to contemplate buying plastic-wrapped and frozen vegetables. Secondly, they have a large selection of local and organic produce, just plain cheap produce (*aka why I bought red bell peppers in January) , $1 going-bad bags, and an ENORMOUS Wall of Bulk Herbs, Spices and Tea.
I spent about $11 on this trip, and fortunately Thomas was with me so I didn't have to lug it on the bus by myself. If I had biked with this, I probably would have fallen over.
Limbo also has a juice and coffee bar and soaps by the pound, but I have not partaken. I'm too busy sorting out a grocery trip in my head and wallet between Limbo and TJ's.

Here's the breakdown:

Red Bell Peppers*: 60 cents each
2 lb bags of carrots: 50 cents each
Crenshaw Melon: $1
Mango: 75 cents
Garlic: $2.99/lb
Shallots: $4 or so/lb
Cucumbers: $1 each
Grapefruit: 50 cents

Bulk Tea:
Apple Black Tea
500 Mile Chai

Bulk Herbs:
Hot Chili Powder
Dried Sage
Smoked Paprika
Ancho Chili Powder


b36Kitchen said...

i am very jealous of the ENORMOUS Wall of Bulk Herbs, Spices and Tea.

erica said...

DAMN that's cheap!

Veg-a-Nut said...

Wow! What a deal for red bell peppers. They cost both arms, both legs, and one eye here. What a steal!!! Way to go!

Carrie™ said...

Great haul! 50 cents for carrots? What a deal!

Anonymous said...

oh, man. i wanna limbo!

Maria said...

Crenshaw Melon? Shut up!

elizabet said...

sweeeeet! I'm going there tomorrow!
I just left TJ's w/o veggies b/c of the plastic everywhere!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

have fun, elizabet!

I need to go back very soon and restock on bulk tea and marjoram.