Friday, November 02, 2007

Tofu Scramble - Wassup? & VeganMoFo

I’m a day late debuting my first contribution to VeganMoFo (for Nanowrimo month), but I did technically finish writing a Stumptown Vegans review for Pok Pok yesterday – so let’s count that. And by let’s I mean…the vegan writing gods. Or the PPK, who started this.

Today, I’m going to talk about tofu scrambles. Blab is more appropriate, but it’s your choice to read or not. If you stop by my blog on a regular basis, you have probably noticed them on a regular basis (and order them out as well).The truth is, I don’t think they’re awesome – I think they’re gooooood and convenient – that’s why I make them. I tend to crave salty over sweet, so give me a tofu scramble, not pancakes.

Random leftover veggies? Check. Half a block of tofu scramble I decided to maybe marinade in tamari? Check. Garlic and spices. Check. There ya go. Now that Thomas has decided he likes them as well, I’m even more apt to make it.

a recent homemade tofu scramble in my life.

october 006

On to lists.

What I like..

  • The color!
  • Pairs perfectly with toast.
  • Gets even better with hot sauce (thank you, chihlua)
  • Cheap!
  • Again, home for forgotten, leftover and random veggies.
  • Ver-sa-tile at home and often in restaurants
  • Because it can look like crap and still taste good.

My favorite ingredients to scramble:

  • Garlic - roasted garlic, too
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • Fresh, firm tofu
  • Greens
  • Fresh or Roasted bell pepper
  • Black beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Veggie sausage
  • White mushrooms
  • Black or kalamata olives
  • Fresh basil

Making srambles:

The first tofu scramble I made myself was from a Fantastic Foods Tofu Scrambler packet, that I made with mashed silken tofu and added a slice of soy cheez too. I never finished the packet and definitely didn’t finish my bowl. Sadly, it was one of the first breakfasts I made living out of the dorms, in my own rented room, to boot. My tastebuds have greatly changed since I was 20, so who knows if I'd like it now.

My first positive experience with “vegan eggs” was at the now defunct Country Life Vegetarian Buffet in Boston. I think it was all tofu, no vegetables – and the large yellow pieces were greatness. I only ate at the weekend buffet a couple times, but clearly I still remember it. Half a plate of “eggs” and a small blueberry muffin that even non-vegans enjoyed. It didn’t compare to their amazing vegan taco buffet, but that’s impossible to do.

I then tackled the PPK recipe for tofu scramble a couple times, and tried random ones at Did you know they have 2 pages of Tofu Scramble and “Egg” Recipes?

The first homemade one I genuinely liked had Lightlife Fakin Bacon added to it, but what are you gonna do? Now with confidence, some cooking ability and Portland produce in my life I make them frequently, as you know & play with spices, veggies, tofu type and have been adding veggie sausage (ala Junior’s) anyhow. Long story short, I like salty things.

Next up, tofu scramble hot pockets! Maybe. But not creepy.

october 005

The awesome superhero scramble plate at Junior's.

The end. See you tomorrow if you can catch up!


Vincent Guihan said...

I like tofu scramble, too. I don't make it nearly often enough anymore. :( I like mine with baked beans on the side.

Kati said...

Mmm tasty scrambled goodness - I appreciate the way you leave the tofu in large chunks.

vegetalion said...

I've always made scrambled tofu for dinner, once in a while for brunch, but I wok up early enough to make it for breakfast before work last week - and I wasn't hungry again until WAY later than usual. It's not only delicious and pretty and all that... it's filling and satisfying!

Isa said...

What a great subject matter for your first MoFo. I, too, have been inspired by your tofu blocks and making my scramble chunkier lately.

Vegyogini said...

I think I've made tofu scramble maybe once and it was right when I first became vegetarian. I keep meaning to try it broiled a la Fueled by Popcorn. You just might have inspired me to finally do it. Thanks!

b36Kitchen said...

I love tofu scramble, never make it because Peter won't eat it..but the blocks of tofu make it look more appetizing..i'm going to give it a try.

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

this makes me wish i can eat tofu (i love it but it makes me very sick)

Veganista said...

Yay for tofu scrambles! So far I've only made one--the travesty! Obviously it's time to get to work. Yours always look amazing, and like you I'm fond of the savoury breakfast...

Thanks for your sweet comments today at the blog, Jess!

Cherie said...

Your scramble looks great! I like mine non-mushy/silken, too, and I just posted about tofu as well. :)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

thanks you guys!

I used to be a very "meh" tofu scrambles gal myself.

Vegan*asm said...

Yay, I'm excited about VeganMoFo. I love tofu scrambles. I just don't have them enough. That's about to change!

K.E.N. said...

it would be terrible to be vegan and not like tofu scramble b/c that's usually your only choice at nonvegan restaurants. it's a joke with my sister and i when we go out to breakfast...."karla, which tofu scramble will you be having today?"
by the way, the boxed Tofu Scramble sucks asparagus!! i hope that mix hasn't made people anti-tofu scramble.

Amy said...

I must admit that I have been anti-tofu scramble for quite some time, but this photo is making me reconsider my position.

Anonymous said...

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