Saturday, November 03, 2007

On healthy stuff.

For today's VeganMoFo entry, I will talk around and about food.
Yesterday I did not eat. I did a one day juice fast/detox, for the first time in over a year, and today I feel fine, really. I am aiming to build up the uh, stamina and dedication to to the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet for 5- 10 days. What a better time to do it than before Thanksgiving?
My 'big' problem lately has been snacking. My inner snack monster (who I decided yesterday to call Pierre) has broken free again the past few weeks and that is not cool. My dinners are satisfying and I try to be well-rounded, but I turn to snacking when not actually hungry later on. Sometimes I catch myself, and sometimes I give in. It's not easy to talk about this, but it's true. I'm food obsessed in positive and negatives ways. Going vegan and learning to cook was extremely positive, and taught me about food and what I should and should not eat.
In terms of my actual meals, I have cut out the majority of my pasta in take, which is really great and replaced it with quinoa and other alternative grains, if any. I don't even crave pasta anymore! My Italian roots are shocked, but somehow it happened.

Back to juicing: yesterday I consumed the following:

  • water
  • carrot juice
  • apple juice
  • grapefruit juice
  • Trader Joe's green juice
  • apple/carrot juice
  • tea
All were as "pure" as possible, and sometimes I mixed things up. Around 10am was the only time I was thinking about maybe eating the apple I left at work the day before, and I didn't feel actually 'hungry' until I was laying in bed that night. Fortunately the only food someone ate near me was Thomas' Gardenburger riblet for dinner, and I don't like those anyway. I don't talk much about my 'healthier eating/lifestyle' efforts on my food blog, and this post is photo-less, but bare with me till tomorrow - post Vegan Holiday Festival.
I know it's been only one mere day, but I feel a bit more in touch with my body, stomach, and
'hunger'. Woo.
The end.


Kate said...

Wow, being commited to a fast/detox is a great feat.

Kittee said...

hey jess!
that fast sounds great, when are you planning on doing it?


Rachel said...

I actually tried going completely raw foods for a few months, but it didn't work out for me (at least the being-100%-raw thing). But I did learn how important it is to have lots of fresh raw foods in your life and how great they make you feel. Good luck with your cleanse!

anja said...

I almost did an accidental juice fast after getting my wisdom teeth out! I felt bad though, obviously. I know what you mean about cooking, it totally made me learn about food. I can't believe how much I've learned about nutrition in the past year. It's so interesting though!

Good luck with the master cleanse... I gave up after a day!

sarchan said...

"I'm food obsessed in positive and negative ways."
^I relate to this soo much. I really trying to balance my food-love/foodiness with healthier habits, too. Great post.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Kittee -

I'm thinking about starting the big one on Monday. !!!
I'm excited, mystified and slightly terrified. But I'm going to take it easy, one day at a time. If I do one day, even that's a positive step towards more, right? right. : )

Thank you guys for replying to a post like this!

Emmie said...

I've never fasted, except for when I was 11-18 when I bought and 'ate' only diet drinks (as in liquid very low calorie diets) for periods in an effort to lose weight. The only thing it did to me was mess me up and now I've quit dieting altogether. I'm a big girl, so what?. I actually don't think I'd ever want to fast but it's always very interesting to hear about other peoples experiences.

Veganista said...

Yeah, as Sarchan suggested, you're not alone in the whole food issues thing. I feel like I'm reasonably balanced about things now, esp relative to many young women--yet there are times when negative stuff around food and control/lack of control sneaks back in a little. (Course, not trying to say our experience around this is at all the same--just that I'm very sympathetic.)

Good luck with it all, Jess!

PS Bit of a treat to find a new post almost every time I check back. :) I'm liking this veganmofo thing!

bazu said...

Pierre sounds like a great name for a snack demon- slick and tempting, but ultimately bad for you. Just like a real Pierre I know...
Anyway, I'm happy to read about all your food experiences on this blog, so write away, whatever your mood.

bazu said...

P.S. Part of the reason I like vegan food blogs so much is because there is a balance. Most of us have food issues of one kind or another, but on the whole produce and consume awesome stuff. Some other food blogs are always about "low-fat" and "fat-free" and abstaining from or cutting out this or that- I couldn't live that way! I definitely do fasts now and then, but appreciate our vegan blogging community where that isn't all that's talked about. Good luck with everything.

Kittee said...

i hope you blog about monday. i am really interested in fasting, though i've never done one before. have you ever read josh's piece in herbivore on his fast a year or so ago? a good read!