Thursday, October 18, 2007

This post will mess you up.

Hot sauce glazed tempeh, from Veganomicon (which I've been misspelling for the past year as Veganomican, oops). Isa threatened to disown me as a tester if I didn't fix that.
With steamed kale with sea salt and chickpeas with parmesan.
hs tempeh

The messing you up part? See below. Half a soy chicken from Fubonn, glazed with a Gai Tod Garlic style sauce and yellow bell pepper. I could NOT eat this, even try it, but Thomas was all about it.

tommy's dinner 10/14

I'm not a big faux meats gal as it is, but this is messed up! I'm not actually exclaiming that, just a little creeped out. It even smelled 'chickeny', though it was literally just molded and frozen into the birdy shape. Would you eat it?

gai tod

I was really happy with this meal because it was a very 'use what's in the fridge' concoction:
vegetable fried rice with cashews and sesame chili baked tofu. The fried rice has portabella mushroom, cashews, yellow bell pepper, carrots and zucchini.

dinner 10/15

I ate a meal like this 2 or 3 nights last week:
steamed millet cooked in the rice cooker with veggie buillion, grilled japanese eggplant, tofurkey italian sausage, tofu, olives, parmesan and fresh spinach.

october 001

Mac 'n' cheez from What the hell does a vegan eat anyway?
grilled japanese eggplant and reallllllly garlickly sauteed spinach.


This is what I made for myself on soy chicken night:
Peanut soba noodles with pan fried tofu and carrots
.. I made the peanut sauce with a lowfat coconut and water base and it was so creamy and good.

dinner 10/14

Can you see the big ole mason jar in the back? That's the signature drink from "Bye and Bye" - a new vegan bar in NE Portland, along with the BBQ platter. Check out our recent review on Stumptown Vegans. I wish this place was in SE Portland near me!

bye abd bye

One last question - can anyone in/familiar with Seattle recommend a somewhere to eat or get delivery from late night? Thanks!


Vegan_Noodle said...

Ho funny about the spelling of veganomicon... I tried that hot suace glaszed tempeh and really liked it as well.
I am with you on some fauz meats. In fact, I think it was when I visited Portland and was at VegeThai and their faux beef just really freaked me out. Couldn't eat it. I find I'm that way with more beef-like products than others. Not sure why. Probably because I gave up red meat for the longest time before going vegetarian or vegan....

Shananigans said...

This is not the first post I've seem about that freaky veg chicken, it is kind of disturbing to look at. But the real question is how does it taste? Those noodles and tofu look way better anyway.

I've not yet tried millet, I really need to branch out from brown rice and cous cous.

How does this Mac 'n' cheez stack up to the modified New Farm recipe? That's been my standard since you posted it. My omni DF loves it!

Sarah C. said...

No, i would NOT eat the chicken-shaped fake meat product. NEVER. I admit, I eat and enjoy fake sausages - because I like the spices involved - but I do tend to feel bad that I'm eating something in the shape of a traditional meat product. But that's just a cylinder - not the shape of actual an actual animal. NO way, never, no how. Besides, your tofu noodle dish was clearly tastier!

Anonymous said...

We went to this vegan pizza place pretty late when we were in Seattle. You can orde rin advance & pick up when you get there too! It was soo yummy - try the garlic dipping sauce if you go there! It appears that their website is having issues.

Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzaria

5500 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105, USA
(206) 343-1415


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I still need to try more leafy greens, dammit! I realized, I've had one of those soy chickens before! We've bought them at asian markets, but it's been ages.

How late in Seattle? There's a new place people love called Squid & Ink, I think they have food til midnight!

VeggieGirl said...

if you think THAT "chicken" is scary, you should try the one that Follow Your Heart makes - even my omnivore parents thought that it was "eerily too similar to real chicken" haha. we're all still freaked out by that experience!

oh my goodness all of your dishes always look so delectable - I envy your dinners!! :0)

shaun.marie said...

i feel kind of queasy about that faux chicken. i don't mind 'realistic' flavors and textures, but that SHAPE is disturbing. have you ever seen those vegan lobsters? eek!

hope you're having fun in seattle!

Rural Vegan said...

I've seen that crazy chicken before but never eaten it. I think I would try it but doubt I could enjoy it. It is second in creepiness only to those little vegan crawfish with pinchers and antennae. :shudders:

Isa said...

I wuv you!

Jillian of Bitchin' Vegan Kitchen said...

The best soy chicken I ever had was smoked, it was from Chinatown and I cooked w/ garlic, ginger, tamari, chile and OJ. Oh yum...

Anyway I wanted to say that I was glad I saw you put mac and cheez w/ grilled eggplant and spinach since I've been craving the yeasty stuff but fel guilty w/ fresh eggplant and spinach kicking around waiting to be used up. Now I see how well they can all peacefully co-exist. Possible copyvat post coming soon! :)

Ashasarala said...

Hello, there!

I can empathize with you on the faux meat deal. I think gardenburger riblets are the worst. They actually shape the soy to look like ribs. It's so disturbing. Then they drown it in barbeque sauce so it looks even more like the real thing. I wondered why a vegetarian would want to eat it, looking like they tore it out of a cow. My friend suggested that it's probably aimed towards people that are newbie veggies and need a slower transition, or to people who are meat-eaters but just want to start getting a little healthier.

The chicken looks a little like stuffed shells to me, at least in that picture. That's what I'd imagine while eating it.

reiskeks said...

Please sign the petition against Guillermo Habacuc Vargas, the 'artist' who starved a dog as an 'art exhibition', and/or spread the story to others. Here is the coverage so far: Thank You!

Jody from VegChic said...

Yeah, the fake half chicken does look a little freaky. Especially when it is so visible like that one.

MyThai in Boston makes a dish like that with faux duck. Fortunately the weirdness is covered in veggies and other stuff. I just cut it up and enjoy the flavors.

I dig the mason jars at that restaurant.

bazu said...

That is kinda messed up! I'm actually a huge fan of faux meats, but that doesn't look too good to me. I mean, even pre-veg, I never wanted to dive into huge chicken hunks! Eh, who am I kidding, I'd probably eat it anyway. =)

Kati said...

OK, this post officially lives up to its title. Jess, that faux chicken is waaay freaky - a bit disgusting and yet intriguing at the same time. However, you did redeem yourself with the peanut noodles and tofu - that I would definitely devour.

Christine said...

I definitely couldn't eat the faux chicken. I'm weirded out if something tastes too meaty and especially if it looks suspicious too. Once I had a very realistic veggie dog and just couldn't eat it. I don't want my food to resemble meat, how will I tell the difference?

You need to stop teasing me with the Veganomicon recipes until AFTER the book comes out, not fair!

Kumudha said...

Hot sauce glazed tempeh looks so tasty!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Shananigans -

This mac and cheez was a little too fake cheezy for me to make again, not to say I didn't enjoy it.. I'm sticking with the lower fat new farm as my staple.

Christine - Veganomican is officially out, even on Amazon : )

megan said...

I am really excited for this book to come out. I have completely worn down Vegan w/ a Vengeance. Anyway, I also have to agree with most everyone else. Faux chicken is messed up.

Cherie said...

What the heck is that soy chicken thing?! I don't blame you for not eating it. I've never seen anything like it.

I love your food pics, as always!

Veganista said...

Yikes, that fake chicken is scary...yes, probably too scary for me to eat it, though I usually embrace faux vegetarian meats. Everything else looks fabulous though. As usual, a visit to your blog makes me hungry!

urban vegan said...

Drool to the nth, as always.

Fauxx meats in flash-esque shapes do creep me out, but I tolerate them, mostly since my omnivorous husband likes them.

erica said...

That chicken looks like a pasty grenade. Everything else looks awesomely delicious.

My camera is dying too, and I even had it sent in a paid $80 to have it fixed (yeah, that worked well).

b36Kitchen said...

I would never in a million years be able to eat that faux chicken. It's giving me the creeps just looking at it. Everything else looks delicious as usual!

Foodeater said...

Haha! I would totally eat the fake chicken... looks good! I love's me some fine faux meat :)

Anonymous said...

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