Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vegan Spicy Tofu Lettuce Wraps, Broiled Tofu Scramble, Coconut Brown Rice Pudding. Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh Meal and a Tempeh Black Bean Burrito

Spicy tofu lettuce wraps - I broiled some tofu in hoisin sauce and braggs (out of shoyu, my new favorite), and added it to sauteed garlic, chopped carrots, red kuri squash, zucchini, mushrooms and cooked bean thread noodles witha little more braggs, dried chili and another couple dashes of hoisin sauce. Rolled in romaine lettuce. Next time I'd try them without the noodles, but I was missing bean sprouts and thought what the hey.
I actually didn't like the leftovers at all (yup, the lettuce was separate). One of these days I'll get around to using those noodles in the rice paper rolls I bought..

Broiled tofu scramble, ala Fueled by Popcorn. This had sundried tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, kale, toasted pine nuts, thyme, paprika and marjoram. On the side are test kitchen home fries, which I overboiled. See the link for recipe instructions! You will never have tofu crumble more than your liking in a scramble again.

Vanilla Coconut Rice Pudding. Made with leftover mixed grain brown rice and Trader Joe's vanilla pasta, which is great stuff. This pudding, yes cold, was just what I was looking for, especially topped with cinnamon. I used this recipe from Vegweb, quartered, plus coconut essence, flakes & with a couple pinches of cornstarch thrown in for good measure.

Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh from the test kitchen, brown rice, garlicky kale and spicy black beans.

Quick-ish tempeh and black bean burrito with lettuce. I was having stick-to the pan issues, but this is the VWAV tempeh crumble method, with taco seasoning, garlic, jalapeno and black beans tossed in. I'm in a tempeh and black bean kick apparently, and soaked more Sunday. Last night was tempeh black bean veggie chili, no photo, since I've made it a few times before.


erica said...

The link to PPK test kitchen is broken. It says "this account has been suspended" (or something).

Use your rice wraps girly!!! I love to do them with bragg tempeh in strips, raw vegis, and peanut sauce. I think I've mentioned this before but "good night nurse" they are mightily good.

bazu said...

YUM! Those overbroiled potatoes look really good. I've been on a bean kick myself too, lately! Seeing my need for mushy foods, that rice pudding seems like just what I need right now.

Taylor said...

As always, it all looks scrumptious.

Mamta said...

The spicy tofu lettuce wrap looks delicious and healthy. Have to give it a try!

jessd said...

I knooooow I should use them..do you put the peanut sauce in the wraps or is it for dipping, erica?

Bazu - If I could send you pudding, I totally would.

Taylor - thanks dude.

Mamta - Please do try them! The wrapping was the hardest part, some of the leaves I cut diagonally for better rolling. Very versatile of a dish, and yeah, not too bad at all in the health department.

Kati said...

Beans and tempeh, beans and tempeh...I could eat these every day (and do, a lot of the time). I have never made or eaten rice pudding, but your picture is luring me into making an attempt.

Your food always reminds me of PPK food - I think you are Isa in disguise.

You should totally do the behind-the-apron thing (unless, of course, you are Isa...then we already know all about you), but today is the last day! Hurry!

erica said...

I use the peanut sauce for dipping, or rather, for spooning on top of the roll. I can't wrap them tight enough and so if I invert them to dip little bits of lettuce and stuff always falls into the sauce. But, that's just my own little thing to deal with :P

I've seen people put sauces inside the roll, like hoisin, etc. But I like to eat some the next day and am afraid they will get squishy if there's sauce inside.

tommymakestapes said...

Ahhh I like peanut sauce as a dip, so good.

Kati - I missed it! I filled out half a bio, and then got caught up in work..I might still do it, just for my blog.

Anonymous said...

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