Monday, October 02, 2006


Oh goodness. These samosas! The filling is from VWAV and the dough is from here. The only different thing I did was use brown rice flour instead of white. In the backround is mango chutney, a sweeter version of a PPK testing recipe I had made previously with these stuffed potatoes.

I've also shown a filling shot. The triangles are baked 'Indian' inspired tofu cutlets. The coating is cornmeal, coconut, curry powder, chipotle chili powder and sea salt. The meal shot includes garlic toasted whole wheat pita (I know, I know!) and the VWAV chickpea curry with extra tomatoes and eggplant.

I'm doing this all in 'right hand' photos for a change, so we'll see where this type ends up. The other photos are the no-bake peanut butter chocoltae mousse pie from VWAV - funny thing - I used a sorta crumbling pie crust I had in the freezer for a couple months - and filled it, set it - and then realized I had forgotten to pre-bake. Oh well, the filling was still heavenly. It was made last week and we've been slowly eating it - half the thing left! On top of the piece is the boxed, then whipped, Soyatoo.
  • Next up we have two PPK testing recipes - the first is a creamy and not too hearty 'bring on the fall' potato and greens soup. The second is a rustic white bean casserole, served with shells & chreese and broccoli. The veggie shot is the filling of the casserole, which is then topped with buttery breadcrumbs.
  • Next shot - brand spanking new Herbivore store in NE PDX! I bought the 'pink on green zip up hoodie' and adore it.
  • A classic tlt - tempeh, lettuce and tomato, totally organic sandwich.
  • some scramble in some light.

I know I spoke of a restaurant review last post, but the lighting at Vita just isn't happening for photos. We celebrated with vegan chicken fried steak (batter fried tempeh for Thomas) and vegan nachos (me), regardless. In other news, there is a new all-vegan restaurant here in glorious Portland, OR! ; ) I haven't been yet - but it's called Pirate's Tavern. No menu on the site yet either.


Vegan Knitting said...

Oh, I'm in love!

We're moving to Portland in a few months. I can't wait!

If you have any time to answer some questions, I'd love to find out about good vegan stuff.


Webly said...

That all looks exhausting! So much time in the kitchen.

erica said...

Wow, you used brown rice flour instead of the white flour and it worked fine? *Happy dance**!!! That makes them gluten free, and I can enjoy samosas again.

My boyfriend is all excited to go to Pirate's Tavern, I think it's the pirate thing.

Nancy said...

You are amazing Jess! Everything looks so good. We've been in really basic mode (pasta, tacos etc). I need to get back in the groove ;-)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

E - I'll send one your way..

Webly - I just get wrapped up.

Erica - !! Uh oh, I don't know if it can be done! I subbed brown rice flour for the measely 1.5 tablespoons of white rice flour in the recipe, there's also 3 cups of 'regular' flour that I used a mix of wheat wheat and white for.

Nancy - I do tons of basic stuff, I swear! I've been on a kick lately since I was away for a week and without my kitchen. I missed it!

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

Everything looks beautiful, and that tofu looks perfectly coated. YUM! looks like your kitchen has embraced you, once back home, wholeheartedly! :)

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm - makes me hungry, good thing dinner's waiting for me.
green/pink zip up hoody? where? can't find it on the site.

Anonymous said...

those samosa's look so good...better than store bought...better than an authentic indian restaurant!

funwithyourfood said...

wow that's a lot of cooking. do you have a deep frier or something?


KleoPatra said...

Wow, Jess! You never ever cease to amaze me. GREAT STUFF!!!

And i love the new-look blog here. Beautiful on the eyes.

Julie said...

What's that cake pie thingy?! It looks sooo yum. Did you say?

Anonymous said...

samosas they sound so good, i must try them. thanks for share so much food!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

You guys I don't know WHAT is up with the spacing in this post! I try to adjust and nothing seems wrong in my edits - so my apologies for the tiring scroll. Thanks to those who stuck around!

don't get mad - you have such a cute name!

wiebke - It's on the left hand side I think - it's a green hoodie with a pink herbivore cross on the right chest.

Megan - I'll admit these samosas were better than some I've had previously - but I've also had some REALLY sub par samosas : )

Teddy - Thanks! We actually do have a mini deep fryer but I couldn't find the cord for it, so I just shallow fried in a pot.

Kleo- Such kind words! I don't have quite the look I'm going for but I'm working on it. ~

Julie - It's the no bake peanut butter pie from Vegan with a Vengeance, the first time I've ever used the agar I've had for ages. Next time I'll do more a chocolate layer too, though like non agar pies I've made in the past.

Johanna - Yeah! Give them a try! You can't go wrong with fried potatoes.

Nikki said...

Holy food porn Batman! Wow! Everything looks fantasmic. I really have to make samosas sometime, my boyfriend loves all things Indian with a passion!

aTxVegn said...

I just ate lunch and after seeing all that food, I want to eat, esp. samosas. I'm pretty new at being gluten free, so I appreciate seeing any gf recipes. I so miss bread!

Vicki said...

this all looks so fantastic! is that tofu? what is your secret????

Catherine said...

Pirate's Tavern? I think that's the awesomest restaurant name I've ever heard of. I hope the food lives up to the name!

bazu said...

Your blog is definitely my on my top 3 list of beautiful food shots- but I have to remind myself not to come here unless it's time to eat... I think just *reading* your blog makes me gain weight- but in a good way.
I don't know if you are on flikr or not, but there is a group that posts photos of their VwaV and PPK creations and I think your pictures look better than most of the stuff there- you should join! flikr would be a great place for you to showcase all your gorgeous food photos.

Anonymous said...

Great looking food. I love veggie samoas (in fact, I had them for lunch today). They seem so complicated to make so I only eat them when I eat out. Yours look really good so maybe I need to check out the VwV recipe.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Carrie™ said...

Oh Samosas! I love samosas. I could make a meal of just those and nothing else. And the pie! It looks really, really good. Actually, everything looks good - as usual!
I'm very envious. I wish I had a Herbivore store where I live. Enjoy!

kris said...

Wow, what an incredible post! So delicious. I have to make that pie, maybe for Thanksgiving...

I went to Pirate's Tavern's website last night and a menu was up. It looks interesting. I'll have to go sometime... when I'm tired of eating at Ya Hala.