Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Midweek Munchies

Harmonias Midweek Munchies Meme

Midweek Munchies: What Jess is contributing for the week~

This is a heap of goodness that I picked up at New Season's this past weekend. There was a 79 cent sale on bars (my favorite being mojo). I also picked up organic apples, bananas, red bell peppers, avocados, cremini mushrooms and more I'm forgetting. My meal ideas for the rest of the week include chipotle bbq tofu and red peppers, and more turnip raab.

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I woke up with a really bad sore throat the night before last, and had a fever yesterday, and not much of an appetite - hence not a lot of meal planming for the week. I wanted a simple soup last night, didn't want take out and haven't found a store bought veggie noodle that I like, so I came up with this:

I used veggie boullion, vegetarian chicken broth powder, minced garlic and garlic powder, turmeric, spike, bragg's, sea salt and pepper - with organic carrot slices and orzo. It was done in less than 25 minutes. The pepper flavor was a little stronger than what I was looking for, but now I know to ease it down next time.


KleoPatra said...

I hope you feel better soon!!!!


Dori said...

hi jess - Hope you are feeling better. I have been enjoying your blog again this week. I noticed on harmonias blog comments you mentioned wanting to try mango salsa. I made this a while ago:

I don't care for cilantros either, the flavor doesn't come through - you could sub parsley very easily. Also, just leave the onion out and add chopped yellow pepper in place of it ... again the onion doesn't contribute much of a flavor. I think you should try it. I really went on a daring limb for me to try it and I liked it, I was surprised.

Barbara said...

I love New Seasons. And the staff is always friendly.

Hope you feel better soon!


Vicki said...

you seem so at ease in the kitchen...whipping up that soup w/o a recipe. hope you feel better soon.