Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Midweek Munchies~

Harmonias Midweek Munchies Meme

Midweek Munchies: What Jess is contributing for the week

This is from a shopping trip this weekend at the Daily Grind, we were out to breakfast nearby at Cup & Saucer and decided to stop by pick up fruits and veggies for the week and for the burgers. This store is more of a coop (though not technically) and it's pricier for most products but we were able to score a lot of great prices (59cents an organic avocado) Tommy picked up a neti pot, a bag or organic pears, and we bought Stonewall vegan jerky in bulk.

For those not familiar, it also has a large case of freshly baked vegan treats like cinnamon rolls, biscuits and huge scones, so if you're in Portland, check it out.

This week I've also bought Upper Crust Bakery sesame buns, organic cherry tomatoes (1.99!), Evolution juice, organic firm tofu, chocolate chips, organic 5 grain tempeh (for bacon), carrot juice, organic green onions, organic bean sprouts, organic broccoli, tortillas, organic carrots, Vegenaise, organic Earth balance whipped spread and Earth balance original (1.99 each as well).

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Harmonia said...

I couldn't resist...I had to post a part 2 to my MwM. I have new questions when you have time to stop by...

you're list is another winner!

I love cherry tomatoes! I could eat them all day (plain)

What is Evolution Juice?

KaiVegan said...

Great list and good buys!
There's a lot of fun stores in Portland, aren't there?
Vegan jerky in bulk... hmmm, never seen that here, otherwise, I would have tried that already!

Vicki said...

Hi Jess: Came by to check out your munchies. We will be rolling through Portland on our way to the Oregon Coast sometime very soon & will make a point of checking out your vegan bakery. How would we get there?

Harmonia said...

Thanks for the suggestions on Kohlrabi! I hope to do something with it tonight.

I just posted 2 recipes...let me know your thoughts when you have time.


Grace said...

I wish I lived in a place that had so many organic and vegan delights! I guess I'll have to wait for my own garden to grow and the summer's farmer's markets.

Can I add a link to your blog from my blog?

Dori said...

A vegan bakery with cinnamon rolls and scones - awesome. If I had that near me I wouldn't bake half as much as I do... guess that's not a bad thing. If I'm ever near Portland I'll make it a point to stop and check it out!