Sunday, April 30, 2006

Breakfast of Champions

Biscuits and Road's End Organic Golden gravy, tangelo pieces, tempeh bacon, agave-balsamic green beans, homefries and ketchup (yup, organic). No more gravy packets in the cupboard, which means I intend to make punk rock chickpea gravy!Thomas made dinner last night: bbq tofu and red peppers and brown rice, more tangelo and fresh spinach. Skilled skillet cooking.
Orange-Lemon-Almond-Olive Oil cake - I used too huge of a lemon in this one, and accidentally doubled the silken tofu content (I think), still pretty though, just a little off in the citrus flavor balance. more breakfast food porn..local baby red and white potatoes, first boiled for 10 minutes, then pan fried in olive oil with smoked paprika, cayenne, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and garlic powder.

I usually half this biscuit recipe but I decided to make a full one yesterday to have leftovers. I used my new cookie cutters - a squirrel and the other one is not a cat head, it's actually the sign symbol for love, and the thumb is left off... \\m//

I had a bit of blogger overload for a couple weeks, but I'm back & my apologies for lacking in response to comments.


Vicki said...

i'm laughing as i type because of your "Skilled skillet cooking" caption! geez, jess, you cook so many amazing things that i can't remember all of them when i comment! the potatoes are pretty much etched in my brain, and I gotta make them...i've seen them here before...& again i am drooling.

ps -- what's with the wheel chair symbol down there by word verification?!

Catherine said...

Jess, I just wrote a "Dinner of Champions" post, and I swear on my brand-new Earth Vegans (that actually fit!) that I didn't read your blog first! :)

Yum, by the way.

Megan the Vegan said...

Wow - you've been busy. Agave-balsamic green beans sounds fantastic. I'm gonna try that someday. I love your animal shapped biscuits...too cute!

Webly said...

Nice Tommy!
And of course, as always, your cooking skills are great.
I think the lemon in the cake was fine. The extra tofu made it cheesecake-like. I was thinking of putting a lemon or strawberry glaze on top! mmmm...modifications. I think it's such a great party food because it holds up on its own.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

the tofu looks PUNK ROCK as usual and so does tempeh bacon!! I've been so lazy offlate.. havent made anything good :-(

Harmonia said...

Well, hey there, chica!

Great food pics as usual! Did I see a squirrel shaped one? :)

I have been a posting fool today...swing by again when you can!

tara said...

More delicious looking pics. :)

I wonder, would the fake bacon taste good on a BLT? I've been craving one of those lately, minus the pig meat. I've never tried veggie bacon.

Berrykat said...

squirrel cookie cutters how cool is that ! Your food pics always look awesome!

EatPeacePlease said...

I noticed both you and Catherine had "Champion" meals! Wow, this one is over the top! And the craziest thing is last night at my favorite all-vegan restaurant, Ray, my boyfriend,(who isn't even vegetarian but hasn't had meat in months nor cares for it) said: "I guess I could be vegan if there was vegan biscuits and gravy." He thought there wasn't such thing. I said there was and I'd look it up... here it is!!! Awesome (but it doesn't mean he's going vegan unfortunately).

Great post though! So many different foods.

lisa said...

i've been lurking in your blog for a while and love your posts. i was wondering what kind of tempeh you use for bacon- i've heard that the different kinds vary a lot.

Harmonia said...

Sure! Anything you want for MwM! Even if it's not in the middle of the week LOL

I am eating the Fantastic Big Bowl Miso and Tofu right now...not a big fan. Doesn't have a lot of taste and the sodium is thru the roof! Ek!

Can't wait to see the pics!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Vicki - turn your speakers on, and click the wheelchair, unless I'm crazy it says that letters out loud?

Catherine - your dinner of champions sounds awesome!

Megan- thank you! I look forward to using this squirrel cookie cutter a lot. I want dinosaurs as well.

Webly - you made Tommy glow with pride ; )

kunsjoi - thanks!! I had a disasterous cooking evening last night, and know what you mean. Just keep creating : )

Harmonia - yes, it's a cute squirrel~~~ I will check out the posts some more!

Tara - I <3 tempeh bacon sandwiches - they sell fake bacon in stores, and tempeh bacon, but I like making my own for cheaper. Pan fried tempeh bacon in earth balance, lettuce or spinach, tomato or red pepper, vegenaise mayo - voila!

berrykat - thank you, and extra appreciation for stopping by and commenting~ cute name!

Leslie - I wish you two a fabulous biscuits and gravy meal! Next time I might go all out and have veggie sausage with it, we'll see.

Hi Lisa, I prefer smaller cuts of tempeh (as opposed to lightlife) and multi-grain tempeh over just plain soy, though all are great. I usually buy Turtle Island foods 5-grain tempeh ( and marinade it in maple syrup, liquid smoke, braggs or soy sauce, tomato pasta and crushed garlic. Let me know if I can answer any questions~

Nancy said...

Jess everything looks fantastic as usual. Where did you get your cookie cutters? I have an embarrassing collection of cutters (really, who makes Abe Lincoln cookies???) and am always looking new additions.

Megan the Vegan said...

Question- what's up with Earth Balance? I often read about vegan's eating this stuff, but I've never bought it myself. I always just buy margarine in the regular grocery store (and just check the label to make sure there is no whey powder etc). Is Earth Balance just regular vegan margarine,....or is it super good special stuff??? Is it worth paying extra? oH, or organic?

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Nancy - I got the squirrel at Sur la Table and the 'metal'/'love' hand at The Decorette Shoppe - a cake decorating store in town. I'm thinking maple nut shortbread is in order for the squirrel!

Megan - Earth balance is a magical, mystical delicious vegan margarine. The whipped variety is organic, though I think the regular earth balance is made from non-gmo soy beans as well. It's by far the best vegan margarine, in my opinion (and probably thousands of others). Perfect for baking, spreading, melting, etc. I buy it in tub form, and sometimes in sticks - earth balance shortening and earth balance buttery sticks.

Mindy T. said...

Something about that flavor combination -- orange, lemon, almond, olive oil -- makes me want to try that cake. I'll remember to use a smallish lemon. Thanks for the inspiraton!

Anonymous said...

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