Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I freaking love pasta

Trader Joe's whole wheat spaghetti topped with tomatoes, roasted red peppers and baby spinach cooked in olive oil, a lot of garlic and a wee bit of crushed red pepper flakes - topped with sliced almonds. I had this and a glass of light Oregon red wine and I am so content.
I 've been craving spaghetti since vegancore posted her spaghetti and leeks. I have enough for lunch tommorow too, along with a salad with more of Dreena's dressing (there are about two servings left). I'm proud that I didn't make garlic toast..I had my hand on the earth balance..and then I realized that would be too much.
Also - two and a half weeks till the Saturday Farmer's market starts up again!! (and till the next pay day..and rent due..on the very negative sides)
I forget what it's called but it's my fancy dancy spaghetti picker-upper! I got it in the box at a yard sale for 25 cents last year.
Homemade tempeh bacon, marinading. awesome.

and.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARMONIA!!!!!!!!!!! You are so sweet, I wish I could make you a cake!


Nancy said...

Yum - what was the wine? :-)

That's funny about the eggplant parmesan thing - must have been an oregonian/virgo vibe going on

Wiebke said...

tempeh bacon! tempeh's sitting in my fridge, think i'll marinate it tonight. and then try to make those potatoe waffles.

Chris said...

That Trader Joe's whole wheat spaghetti is the best w.w. pasta I've found. Unfortunately it's a 2 hour drive to my nearest TJ's and the last time we were there they were out ;-(

Emily said...

ok, how do you slice up the tempeh correctly? I have a hard time visualizing it.

michelleknits said...

I followed your link over from mine, and so nice to have found you. And you live in Portland! I love Portland!

Been eating a ton of pasta around here too, which is strange, cause I hadn't been eating too much until recently. Yum, I'm gonna come back and look around some more later.

Harmonia said...

Hi! Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!!! And Link! Oh! I just nibbled on some fakin bakin yesterday!

I LOVE PASTA too! I could live on Italian and Mexican for the rest of my life and be happy. I have been getting into Indian food more lately and like Chinese too but not as much as those two! YUM!

Anonymous said...

+This blog caught my attention. My last name is Pasta...really...

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Nancy- I can't remember the name, but I'll look it up when I get home!

Wiebke- I hope to see photos of the potato waffles, of course~

Chris- I agree on the whole wheat pasta front. I was specfically craving this type of pasta, TJ style.

Emily- I slice it thinly and length-wise. My new Swiss knife works wonders. It was my first time cutting tempeh last night with it and it nearly blew-my-mind. : ) (But I'm way into cooking equipment like that)

Michelle- Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what your favorite PDX spots are..I should check some new places out

Harmonia- tacos and pasta = love? ; )

Anonymous- perhaps I have love for too, then~

halloweenlover said...

Hi Jess! I actually replied to your comment in my email thinking you'd emailed me and it bounced back because no email address was attached! Here is what I wrote:

It isn't exactly a food delivery service, but actually a share in a farm in Concord that delivers your share of vegetables. I haven't started yet, but it sounds awesome! The only downside is that there is a year long waiting list. So I put myself on there last year and they let me on this year. They could have openings, though, I have no idea. It is called Brookfield Farm. She can google it and it should come up.

Hope this helps! I love Boston too! We just moved from nyc.

KaiVegan said...

The pasta looks really good!
A new Trader Joe's is opening up here in MN in May. Woo hoo!

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

that tempeh bacon loookss yummm... it looks so much like the one at Real foods!!! nice!!

creative kismet said...

Mmmm. I love pasta too! Your tempeh bacon looks so delicious! You asked what spices I use in my pasta primavera- I use fresh garlic, a pinch of rosemary, thyme, sage and about a tsp or more of oregano and basil (and also salt & pepper). I don't really measure I just kinda taste & smell as I go. I cook some onion in olive oil for about 5 minutes, add the crushed garlic and cook 1 minute then add all the dried spices and cook another minute so that all the spices open up and the oils and fragance is released. Toss with pasta and steamed veggies and its done.

michelleknits said...

hmmm, I came by here again after your comment and then wondered if you commented back (and you did), so here are my fave portland places (i've only been once, but if it can happen for romeo and juliet...)
1. it's a beautiful pizza (ravi shankar made vegan) and loved the vegan soft serve next door!
2. err, i forget what it's called but it's right by foodfight and they also have pizza, but thin crust
3. the donuts!
4. this place on alberta that had nice vegan breakfast food
5. veganopolis!
i forget the other places. you're so lucky to be there!

and all the food on your site is so incredibly appetizing.