Sunday, January 22, 2006

Vegan chili and cornbread, made even easier!

First off, I've slowly developed a taste for chili over the past year thanks to my boyfriend, and usually I cheat and use the Simply Organic vegetarian chili packet plus more cayenne + fiesta chili powder. On the side we finally made Trader Joe's cornbread with our chili, substituting two tablespoons of plain soy yogurt for the egg.

Add yves ground (a fake I can handle, surprisingly):

simple and filling sunday meal to last a couple days:

I handled the cornbread, and Thomas handled the chili; dinner was delicious and ready in less than half an hour.


vegancore said...

That chili looks delicious. I love the idea of chili, and I've had a good bowl or two in the past, but whenever I try to make it myself it's just not right. Too thin or something, I guess.

But cornbread? I am allll over that.

SDGvegan said...

That does indeed look delicious! I looove chili. This post also reminded me how much I miss Trader Joes. Boise NEEDS a Trader Joes!

amygeekgrl said...

that chili looks awesome and i LOVE cornbread. thinking i need to make some in the near future. ;)

Barbara said...

Okay, now I have to stop by Trader Joes today too! (the one on 39th). They had a great veggie burger with no msg, but they stopped carrying it. That's the only problem I have with TJ.

I like chili with just beans and some veggies. TJ has a black bean chili that's great.

Have to try some cornbread now!


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