Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner for the Chimps

On Friday night, I attended the Apron Activists' latest presentation: a 4 Course Benefit Dinner for the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. I've dined at a couple of these previously and volunteered as well, and I was delighted to see them back in action with the support of the Portland vegan community.

It was an evening of great food, great friends, great conversation and fairly good wine (BYOB).
I sat at a communal table with the sweet representative from the Sanctuary, and she told us tales of the chimps, like how she intended to buy one of them cowboy boots for her birthday because she loves shoes so much!

Here's the spread, pretend everything isn't mellow yellow. The room was filled with smiles.

Mushroom Walnut Pate & Curried Carrot Spread
Baguette, Matzoh and Flatbreads

Must make this pate asap! Divine! I think it's the one from Vcon..

Root Vegetable & Caramelized Fig Salad
Mixed greens, endive, creamy garlic dressing, cilantro pesto drizzle

That's how it was supposed to look. I was in the No Cilantro, Please club.
The figs were so lovely!

Here's our super awesome and super adorable waitress, Karla, aka Veganshizzle.

Butternut Risotto
Sweet cashew creme, roasted brussel sprouts, toasted hazelnuts

Love brussels & hazelnuts!

Apple Pie with Peanut Butter Caramel with Coconut Bliss. Wonderful!

Thank you, Apron Activists!


Debra said...

It all looks soooo good! what a great cause.
Debra @ Vegan Family Style

Jeni Treehugger said...

AWESOME looking food and what a FAB cause. GORGEOUS waitress too. Woot Woot!

Cherry Blossom Girl said...

Dang! How do I find out about these events??? Looks like it was devine! said...

That looks so delicious, I wish I lived in Portland!

michelle kathleen said...

i want to eat that meal all over again. and sit across from you all over again, of course! xo

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Oh my yum!

Vince Da Blisser said...

hey! thanks for the coconut bliss mention! we totally dig that...and you've really dressed it up.;)

Also, if you're in Eugene Nov. 7 , come for free coconut bliss sundaes!

we love you! you are our bliss!

Vince da blisser
from the Coconut Bliss Mothership/HQ, Eugene, OR

kimmykokonut said...

looks like a great meal. i'm already hungry.

anywhere_Smile said...

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