Tuesday, August 25, 2009

U Can't Touch This Vegan Prom!

Okay, maybe not all these girls circa 1993 are vegan, but the style is there!

Isn't being Vegan the Best?
Isn't being Vegan in Portland the BEST EVER?!?
I'm entirely serious today.

The second annual Vegan Prom at Report Lounge was spectacular, minus an awful fur incident. Just gross. I'm sorry that some folks left, and devastated that a fur coat showed up, and that it may have been intentional.
That's all I'm comfortable saying here.

Moving on, check out some pics below! 90s dance off! 90s hits! 90s themed cocktails! Dress up!
Tasty vegan snacks! Hell yeah, hummus is party food! In Living Color on the big screen!
A ridiculous number of prizes!

Just look at this list of donations/gift certificates:

Super thanks to our TWO vegan DJs - John Vincent and Brendan!
Yeah, vegan community!!

Thank you everyone for donating! And attending!!!!! Try Vegan Week 2009 had a fabulous turn out and Deanna and I had a blast organizing & then attending the Prom to top it all off!
The entire Try Vegan staff deserves applause!

Extra special thanks to Maeve,
for helping out so much, coming up with the theme and wearing a really sweet dress!

Dance off!

First prize went to Simon, Second to Angela, pictured below! They rule.


More dancing!

Dancing happening in moments...

More awesome vegans!

Maeve and Caitlin, sassy and grunge!

Our custom drinks for the evening were the non-alcoholic Carlton: a refreshing fruity lemonade, the Ninja Turtle: a vivacious non-alocholic mojito, the Vanilla Ice: vanilla stoli + orange + soda to get you on the dance floor! and the Blossom: a tropical vodka drink that put a smile on your face, just like Miyam!

There were door prizes galore, two dance off winners (first picture!) with awards for Phat Moves! and Dope Moves!, Best Dressed going to Nick as Waldo and Jack - for looking freaking tight! and our Prom King and Queen were Aaron and Michelle!

Already thinking of a theme for next year.............and making plans for Portland's first Vegan Iron Chef this winter!


Janessa said...

Thanks for hosting such an awesome vegan event!

roguewoman said...

Yeah! It was a blast! I'm looking forward to vegan iron chef. There are so many great vegan chefs in PDX, but I want samples! Can there be a lot of judges?

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Janessa, you are so awesome!!!

Roguewoman - thank you for coming!! There will definitely be samples at Vegan Iron Chef, we did a bunch of organization on it a few months ago, but had to postpone due to business and lack of location. But we're going to regroup soon if anyone is interested in volunteering, let me know!
There will only be a few main judges, but audience participation and tasting WILL happen : )

VeggieGirl said...

HA!! What a blast :-D

caitysparkles said...

I am so jealous and I want to live in Portland, Jess! It looks like it was an absolutely amazing event!

Anonymous said...

Aw, that looks so fun! Lucky Portland vegans! :)

~ Kelly

Mona said...

I am supremely jealous. It looks like a great event.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I have got to convince my husband to move to Portland because y'all are having way too much fun!

Becca Elouise said...

Oh Portland.

The Voracious Vegan said...

Vegan Prom YAY! Portland, I love you. Please stop raining and being cloudy so much so I can move there.

jd said...


This looks so much more awesome than my actual prom!

Love the pics :)

mandi said...

Oh, I want to move to Portland so badly!(I'm in Philly) It is like.. vegan heaven out there. Thanks for the pics, it almost felt like I was there. :)

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