Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dittering Recap of Days 1 and 2: Portland Eats!

The first two days of the inaugural Dittering week are behind me, and the adventure is growing. It's not entirely a vacation from my kitchen, I've been putting together my standard weekly fruit bowl and steamed greens for a quick dinner Monday night, but they were twitter related!, as you'll read below.
Both Monday and Tuesday took Maeve and I to food carts for lunch, and last night we zanily but responsibly hit up two happy hours after work, it was like the new Thursday.

For lunch, we met with Karla of Veganshizzle for Koi Fusion PDX tofu tacos

For dinner, I had a big bowl of steamed lacinato kale with Braggs and new Flameboy Mango Hot Sauce, from Food Fight! This stuff is spicy amazement. I've, um, tweeted a bunch with one of the owners of the hot sauce on twitter, way before I learned about the new product, small city!

Ready to go.

Is kale on twitter? I know I'm a fan on facebook...

For lunch yesterday, I stopped by Savor Soup House for
Tomato Fennel Orange. It was splendid!

After work, I briefly popped into Candy in the Pearl (and thought, am I in Portland?) for the first time, and moved along to the Tube for a $2 greyhound and a quick bite - my favorite little fake ham and cheeze sandwich in town.

A couple hours later, we met up with our friend Susie at Hot Lips and I had a couple bites of this slice of vegan foccacia, saving room for the special last stop of Dittering day 2 afterwards.
You don't know it, but this is what you're here for. The last Dittering stop of the day was to try the brand new Chocolate Creme pie from the Whiffies fried pie cart. Maeve and I split this, because, you know.

It was like eating a chocolate pudding snack pack from heaven, that just happens to be wrapped in a wonderfully flaky fried pie.

To balance things out, I had a salad for lunch, I swear! More updates to come. I promise next week I can hold off on mentioning twitter at all.


sgcorrie said...

I love that you're doing this. Seriously. KoiFusion is SO next on my list.

Catherine said...

I'm with you on that Tube sandwich. said...

I'm so jealous of all the awesomeness in Portland. England doesn't have food carts at all - let alone vegan ones...and bars with vegan bar snacks?? It almost blows my mind!!

Can't wait to visit next year.

Bianca said...

Oh wow! Everything looks so good. Portland really is a vegan mecca heaven place. The fried pie...oh my!

Veronica said...

My friend is a PSU student and was describing to me all the reasons why she loves Portland so much more than her hometown. I was talking about all the restaurants and food carts I wish we had here, and she tells me, "Yeah, everyone loves them. But I've never tried one."

Reading all your posts makes me feel like I should have smacked her.

That pie looks like HE-VEAAAAN.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I want those tacos & that pie!

Adriana said...

Kale isn't on Twitter but it's frenemy beets is.