Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Three Updates! One Local, One Travel & One Ridiculously Internet Based

Portland area folks with an interest in vegan gluten free baking - you're in luck!  
  • My friend Chelsea of Flavor Vegan is teaching a Gluten Free Baking Class on Thursday April 16th at 7pm at the Sunnyside Church in SE.  It is being presented by Try Vegan PDX and more details are available here.  She's a passionate vegan chef and if I was in town, I'd be there!  There is certainly an art to gluten free baking and she knows her flours.  Please sign up in advance.
  • I will, however, be on my vacation to Boston and New York City till the end of the month to see family and friends.  
My scheduled stops for Boston includes Grasshopper (duh), Grezzo, Bagel Rising and a bunch of places I'm forgetting.

As for NYC, I'm stopping by Babycakes, Vegetarian Dim Sum House, Stogo, Lulu's and hopefully Counter...and a million places more.  Shoot suggestions my way!

  • My ridiculously internet based update is of course, twitter.  I've had a personal account since the summer and recently made a get sconed! that you can add here if you like.  It is updated with new posts, dining finds and randomness related to my vegan life in Portland.
And in recent dinner updates, last night I grilled homemade seitan in BBQ sauce and served it noochy roasted potatoes and sorta coconut rice.   Go grill pan!


Adriana said...

Dang! That seitan look bomb!

sgcorrie said...

My nephew is autistic, and my sister-in-law is always looking for new ways to cook him gluten free goodness. Thank you so much for posting the class info!

Have a great time on vacation!

Anonymous said...

not in nyc but a short train ride away and they make far better cupcakes than babycakes:

jodye said...

Your seitan looks AMAZING, and coconut rice, oh my!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Jealous of your NYC trip! Have fun!

aredcardigan said...

1.'Snice - vegan panini, cupcakes to die wait you're a fabulous baker but still. W4th/8th Ave.

2.Sacred Chow - Sullivan St/W4th

3.Atlas - 2nd st/2nd ave.

4.Pukk - between 4th/5th st/1st ave

shelby said...

That seitan looks AMAZING! Love the grill marks =)

Have fun on vacation!

veggievixen said...

that seitan is awesomeee. how easy is it to make your own?

wish i lived in portland :(

Kristin said...

I prefer My Thai in Allston (boston) over Grasshopper.

Cynthia said...

We visited NYC last Thanksgiving and ate at one of the best restaurants I've ever visited. It's called Candle 79 and it's definitely a special-occasion place, but well worth the splurge if you can swing it.

Also, the city's greenmarket is wonderful. I believe it's on Wednesdays in the vicinity of the flatiron building and farmers come not just from New York, but all over upstate and New England. I'm a farmer's market freak and this one never disappoints!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Steff - I hope you can make the class! Enjoy **your** vacation!!

Anonymous - Thanks for the tip on Sweet Avenue. I enjoy how 'different' the Babycakes wheat free cupcakes area, seriously - but if I ever find myself near Sweet Avenue, I'll definitely try them.

Denise - Thank you!!

VeggieVixen - Give homemade seitan a try! It's fun and productive~ I like baking, steaming and now - boiling, finally.

Kristin - I've only had dessert at My Thai - it was a Buddha's back when I lived there. I don't think I'll be eating there because we have so much Thai food in Portland yet no great vegan Chinese - hence the Grasshopper must-go.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Cynthia - I'll check out that market - thanks!!

Bianca said...

That seitan looks so amazing. It almost looks like real meat, but much better of course cause its not.

Elyse said...

Have a great time on your trips! You're visiting such awesome cities. And, by the way, that seitan looks delicious!

Katy said...

Lula's is a definite MUST. The cake batter soft serve was my absolute favorite (I got it all four times we went!) Blythe (the owner) is super sweet.
Definitely try and go to Counter for brunch. The french toast is awesome. Gobo was good. Pukk was good for lunch because it was so cheap. Try the mock duck dish. Candle Cafe has great sandwiches (try the cajun seitan). The port wine seitan at Blossom was also amazing!
We didn't go to Babycakes, but we were told that the best desserts are from Vegan Eats, which they sell at Atlas.
We had brunch at Sacred Chow and it was ok. Maybe their lunch/dinner is better?
Have fun!

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