Friday, October 24, 2008

Life got in the way..and cart love.

Of today's MoFo post.

I did technically post something today, but it was to Stumptown Vegans.
You can check out the new review of the I Love Thai Food cart downtown here.

Sometimes I think about posting a current list of my top Portland eateries, since so many folks inquire and our Top Ten List in Herbivore's Travel Edition is from almost year ago.
Today I do have enough time to talk quickly discuss carts I'm fond of.

In case you were wondering, my favorite Portland food carts include:
  • Potato Champion - late night Belgian frites in SE! Vegenaise! Vegan poutine (even if I'm not a fan..)
  • Taqueria Los Gorditos - do I need to explain? The nachos knock me out, though I'm usually happy with Beans + Rice + Avocado for $4 with chips instead of tortillas. They're working on opening an all vegan cart in SE in the future! Soyrizo!!!
  • Sip: Milkshake season is over but they're making special hot cocoas and daily soup is coming.
  • Tastebud Pita at the Farmer's Markets - just make sure it's a basil pesto, not cilantro day if you're a hater like me. love their whole chickpea hummus and devotion to seasonal produce. they bake pitas in their wood fired oven on site! fyi: their bagels are boiled in honey.
  • Toddbot's Triangles - O-nigiri! Todd's the sweetest ever and for $2.50, satisfies hunger with his adorable, salty rice triangle bargains.
  • The Whole Bowl - no dairy, no cilantro, extra sauce! I'm usually gifted extra avocado as well, holla.
  • Al Forno Ferruzza - Excellent pizza crust located by PSU that I haven't had in ages. What? The fresh toppings are simple, the dipping sauce is perfect, but the Sicilan style crust is the star.
  • India Chaat House - it's probably world renowned! $5.50 = eat for what seems like forever.
For more focused ramblings on Portland carts, check out our first podcast here and the
Portland Food Carts website (not vegan specific FYI).

Obligatory vegan food cart porn:

Veggie Pita from Tastebud 

(just at market's close - they'd run out of chickpeas and wheatberry salad and
 sold it for a $1 less)

Nachos with Soyrizo from Los Gorditos

Vegan Poutine from Potato Champion

The Big Big Big Lunch Special from India Chaat House

Tonight Veganshizzle and myself are dressing up for our date at the fancy House of Dreams Vegan Benefit Dinner at Sweetpea.  It sold out!


sweetpotato said...

That's it..I've got to get to Portland. The food there looks unbeatable.

Foodeater said...

Every single one of the food photos in this post is making me salivate! Damn I need to get back to PDX and do some serious pigging out... especially on vegan poutine!

VeggieGirl said...

FAAAAAABULOUS!!! I need to visit PDX!

Bianca said...

God, I wish we had food carts here. The only one I know of peddles meat hot dogs in front of city hall.

Anonymous said...

You are tagged!

and vegan poutine = my dream.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

This post has so much incredible food that it almost hurts.

Megan said...

Clearly, I need to move.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

The carts still blow my mind! I liked No Fish, Go Fish!

Anonymous said...

The photos look really inviting! I wish this post had been there when we visited Portland a couple of months ago. But we'll go back there soon. By the way, thanks for visiting my Vox blog at (Sorry, I don't know how to make a link here.)

K.E.N. said...

i saw The Whole Bowl downtown today! i was wondering where it had skipped off to (it used to be past Pizza Shmizza near Pioneer Square). I need to get myself over to the one on Hawthorne soon! yum!

Leanne said...

I love Portland Food carts! If you guys haven't try the new I Love Thai Food cart you definitely should! Plus it's vegetarian/vegan friendly! (warning: go after lunch because the line can get long!)

funwithyourfood said...

The only cart i can think of here is the hot dog king lol...

you win


sarchan said...

And now I'm feeling sad that I didn't make it to any of foodcarts when I was in Pdx. NYC needs to get in on this cart deal. None of the few vegan ones I know about are near me. Or as cheap.

Maria said...

I'm going to eat a lot when I'm in Portland. Haha.

jelymo said...

well, i know where i want to go on vacation! vegan poutine, awesome!

Erica said...

I'm so in love with the Whole Bowl (and tip so well) that I usually get half an avocado instead of a quarter. Extra cilantro for me :) (I always go to the one near the downtown post office, at Glisan between 10th & 11th)

Anonymous said...

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