Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stumptown Vegans Podcasts and Stuff

Want to hear me gush about vegan food and Portland out loud? Do you think you can handle it?


Check out the new Stumptown Vegans Podcasts website, where you can listen to
Webly and myself discuss our favorite places, cheap ass deals and
interview the inspirational Everyday Dish host Julie Hasson.
This is an extension of our food reviews website,

We're now on Itunes, too!
Look for a new podcast coming shortly.

But to give this post some non-promotional substance, some recent foodz:

This salad has romaine, raddichio, Italian kale and tempeh bacon.

may 2008 early 049
I'm not too into salad dressings. I would have used some balsamic vinegar, but I was at work, so I went all plain crazy. If anything, I would have dug this salad with some vegan caeser, but sometimes you just want to taste the lettuce.

Totally without greens, barring smooshed avocado - nachos. Freaking awesome nachos. A small plate, to boot. With seasoned tempeh, cheezy sauce, salsa, avocado and indulgence. From a week or two ago.

may 2008 early 027

In more lively produce development, here's what I picked up from two farmers markets yesterday:

Maiitake mushrooms
Italian kale
Shiitake mushrooms

may 2008 early 052
You can see organic bulk tofu, yukon gold potatoes and a mini red pepper also from People's in the back. New recipe testing tonight!

I stopped at the downtown market by my office, and then at People's on the way home.
Hell yes to two in one day. I find it fun and enlivening to go to the downtown market on my lunch hour, and the People's market is not only in front of the coop, but there are rice balls and great deals on local mushrooms. Maiittakes are $10/lb and Shiitakes are $5, opposed to the downtown market where they're $10 and I believe, $15.

In more super duper cool news, I'm going on vacation to NYC next week! Last minute suggestions are always welcome.


VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, the new website for Stumptown Vegans is great!!

As for NYC: I don't mean to self-promote, but check out the 4 part series that I did on my recent trip to NYC, called "VeggieGirl & the City" (it's under my March archives).

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Thanks, Veggiegirl!

You make me want to reconsider Pure Food & Wine. And that broccoli raab pasta has my name on it. How can I not eat Italian in NYC?
There are always so many new placesto try! I was there in December visiting my siblings, but I think I only went to 2 or 3 actual veggie spots.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

So envious of your upcoming NYC trip! By the way, I loved the podcast with Julie, very cool!

sundaegirl108 said...

I live in New York City ... and one of my favorites is HANGAWI. It's a Korean vegetarian/vegan restaurant that is out-of-this-world. You get to take your shoes off and stick your feet in holes that go under the tables... Delicious food and fun!
It's at 12 East 32nd Street (between Madison and Fifth Aves). Their website is:

This guide is pretty good as well:
(Red Bamboo and Angelica Kitchen are great!)

Bianca said...

Wow! Those nachos look great! I'm so hungry right now. I wish I could just eat those!

I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but I will....

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

thanks you guys! bianca, no pressure, you don't *have* to listen to it ; )

sundaegirl - I've been thinking about going to hangawi - thanks for the push! it seems lovely.