Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some Dinners.

I've made many variations of baked and pan fried bbq tofu in my house over the past few years - a few nights ago I made the Veganomicon Baked Backyard BBQ tofu for the first time (though I've been making the sauce too many times to count since testing).
I made the BBQ sauce the night before, with agave instead of sugar, and a really good dash of crushed red pepper, and pureed it.

Verdict? Juicy deliciousness! I would bake it longer next time, since I wasn't using the firmest of the firm tofus (Trader Joe's water-packed firm), but yeah, jui-cy!

Baked Backyard BBQ Tofu, Garlic Roasted Brussel Sprouts and
Brown Rice & Steamed Baby Spinach.

Don't you like when your throw-together meals turn out so sweet?

Actually, I wish I had added a bit more spice, but with the last bit of a bag of tortilla chips, I crusted this tofu ala Cornmeal Crusted Chili Tofu in Veganomicon, and baked it, covered it in homemade mango black bean salsa, and served it with a big pile of steamed kale with garlic.

Baked Tortilla Tofu, Mango Black Bean Salsa and steamed kale with garlic.
betweenxmasandny 101

My dinner last Thursday night - The Long Ranger from Chaos Cafe. The review is up now on Stumptown Vegans, and this dish is basically kickass.
chaos cafe

This one is pretty uninspired, coming out a reminder of the leftover Breakfast Chorizo in my refrigerator: Baked Whole Wheat Tortilla Pizza with lowfat refried beans, breakfast chorizo, black olives and Veganomicon Cheezy Sauce.

Tonight, I'm thinking BBQ tofu again.


vegetalion said...

your baked tortilla tofu looks GORGEOUS and delicious with the mangos and black beans!

Taylor said...

Your tofu posts always make me wanna get back on the baked tofu kick I had many years ago. I simply tofu-ed myself out. Maybe I'm ready again.

julie hasson said...

Everything looks so good Jess!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oooh, tortilla tofu! My husband would love that & we have a plethora of chips right now. Is it the v-con recipe, sub chips for cornmeal?
He'd also be down for a combo of his favorites- pizza & mexican food!

Jenny Wren said...

The tortilla crusted tofu with the mango salsa is turnin' my taste buds on!

VeganFabulous said...

I have been on a Brussels Sprouts kick lately with the Cornmeal Masala variation from Veganomicon. I want to try garlic roasting them now! Now if I could just get my crusted tofu to look like yours!

Ashasarala said...

Wow. Everything looks divine. It makes me wonder why nobody opens a restaurant and makes these things. Oh wait... they do. Just not in BOSTON! ::pout::

The tofu has me salivating the most. I love breading things. It takes the flavour to a whole new level.

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

the Baked Tortilla Tofu looks like something i could get addicted to.

oh so delicious said...

oh my god, you cook and eat soooo well!! AMAZING!!

VeggieGirl said...

these have to be some of the BEST looking "throw-together" meals (and meals, in general) I have EVER seen - especially with the brussels sprouts (my favorite!!)

Judy said...

That tortilla tofu looks amazing! Ooh and pizza...yum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Your food looks AMAZING as always!
You seem to have lots of experience cooking from Veganomicon. I am wondering if you could please tell me what dishes would be appropriate for a potluck? There is one other vegetarian besides me, everyone else is omni.

Thanks for your help!

Cakespy said...

I love brussels sprouts so much, so of course I am attracted to any post with any mere mention of them. But the Tortilla tofu kept me coming for more. Awesome!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Hi Sarah -

For a mostly omni potluck, where I assume you're wanting finger type foods, check out the Panko Stuffed Mushrooms, empanadas, autumn rolls, rustic white beans or some grain dishes - like the isreali cous cous. Or of course, dessert...:cough: smlove pie, apple gallettes..

have fun! said...

Pretty helpful material, much thanks for this article.