Tuesday, November 13, 2007


seattle coffeefest 005
Looks are deceiving - although this cinnamon roll may look like it kicks cinnamon sugary ass, it didn't. I had actually been at the Globe for breakfast first thing Saturday morning, and resisted one of their fresh rolls to pick this up from Cinnamon Works at Pike Place market later on (aka leaving Coffeefest while Thomas was in a cupping class).

Back to the roll - though not too highly priced, at $3 this big big was just that big. There was a whole row of rolls, but maybe I had weekday unluckiness? It was bready, bready and dry. I bought 2, and neither was finished. Although I ate the one I bought in June from The Globe for 3 days, these were dried out within a couple hours. Plus, I was sorta peeved that the frosting wasn't classically white. I've never had an honest-to-goodness moist vegan cinnamon roll, what's up with that? (though I haven't tried Evan's)

Kittee inquired if I went to The Globe - of course! And I actually thought of her when I decided on my meal~ The all-vegan Globe Cafe is so cool that I felt silly turning on the flash. They've taken the tofu scramble off the menu and granted, replaced it with a fancy spanish vegan omellette. I didn't order it, due to onion-osity, and since Tommy ordered the biscuits and gravy and I also wanted savoury, but nothing too too heavy - I went this 3 sides: a biscuit, grits and garlicky collards.

The collards were probably the best I've ever had, the biscuit was of the yeasty variety (fast forward to ugh about the cinnamon roll later in the day) and the grits were good - just super hot and requiring a TON of nooch and some sea salt. I was expecting them to have some super awesome vegan buttery flavor, but there was margarine for personal use so I added some myself.
globe cafe

After our first day at the fest was over, we dropped off our swag at the hotel, changed into dry socks and went to Bamboo Garden for a late dinner, which was nearby our hotel in South Lake Union. We had gone to Bamboo Garden last January when my sister and her boyfriend were in town, and I wasn't wowed, but I can honestly say this was a very positive second experience. I would certainly go back. I don't think it's on the same 'level' as Teapot, quality wise, but expect a high review on Stumptown Vegans in the future, yo.

We made it to the restaurant about after 8:30pm, and didn't actually eat lunch, so picture me literally diving into this plate of chicken chow mein....

seattle coffeefest 002

Thomas ordered the sesame chicken..balls. balls. balls.

seattle coffeefest 003

chicken ball vs. noods

seattle coffeefest 004

I liked the chicken fingers enough, but the springrolls weren't my thing. at all.
too much greasiness, but at least they came to the table within, oh, 5 minutes of ordering?

seattle coffeefest 001

Tonight I'll be dining with some PPKers, celebrating the return of Strawberryrock to the States, and beautiful vegan pizza. Hard to believe it's already the third week of VeganMoFo..


jenny said...

That's so disappointing!!

If you're ever on the East Coast, Vegan Treats cinnamon buns / sticky buns are amazing. The cinnamon buns have the classic white icing and are made fresh daily...

shaun.marie said...

what?? not good?! well, either i was there on a good day, or you were there on a baddy.

but you get no sympathy from me, girl. i keep looking at those donuts and pouting. i even went on the mighty-o website in hopes that they'd mail me some, but that might be extreme!

erica said...

omg. balls vs. noods would be the most awesome kickball tournament ever!

bjorkedoff said...

awesome post,i'm going to seattle for the day in 2 weeks and was really excited for cinnamon works,melisser said it was good and got a giant snickerdoodle there...mabye i'll skip it?though i am in love with the globe's cinnamon rolls,i'm more in love with my own.c'mon,the recipe was published!
and i can't believe you guys had chicken balls,that was my siblings' favourite all throughout my child hood and when we moved to southern california from a city that is 80% asian/of asian descent we didn't see chicken balls until we moved back.crazy they made vegan ones!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

My cinnamon roll had maple glaze & that STILL didn't save it. The snickerdoodles are where it's at though!

Chicken balls! whoa.

Jess said...

How tragic that you've never had a delicious vegan cinnamon roll. If you ever find yourself in Columbus on a Saturday morning- your life will be complete when you eat a melt-in-your-mouth-piping-hot- fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon roll topped with a thick layer of classic white icing from PattyCake vegan bakery on High Street. it changed my life.

Kittee said...

thanks for the globe fix, jess! it's funny, dazee ordered the tofu scramble when we were there, and he didn't like all the vegetables in it! it was the perfect scramble for me, but now i can't even remember what I ordered... hrm?


Ashasarala said...

Everything always looks so yummy, but I think my belly's become sensitive over the years. Since I got rid of fast food and lowered my salt intake, eating at Asian restaurants and vegan fast food joints makes me a little woozy.

But I have to say, I might put myself through it again for those chicken balls.

Michelle said...

yum! seattle is yummy!

urban vegan said...

OK, the cinnamon buns sucked, but look at all the other good stuff you had.

Holy smokes...

I am so jealous of all these get-togethers. Wish Philly were a vegan destination.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

thanks for the tips!

shaun - so weird! I actually image-googled 'cinnamon works' and found your appetizing looking old post... I think I was just unlucky, obviously.

Cake said...

Try the Cinnamon Rolls at Sweet Life in Eugene, OR. I just took a road trip from Berkeley, CA just to get one. I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

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