Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pumpkin Love.

Just to show that I truly have been enjoying my purple cauliflower...
November 075
cubed tofu scramble (okay, more like a light morning stir fry) with purple cauliflower, green bell pepper, carrots, green beans, garlic, spices and nooch. sliced banana. quinoa with white beans and a bit of leftover t-day gravy.

Onto this weekend's farmer's market haul:

November 051

bag of purple garlic $3
sugar pie pumpkin $3
pear $1/lb
sweet yellow onions $1/lb
carrots 40 cents/lb

With fewer and fewer produce options at the market coming into the its last month and knowing I already had some cauliflower at home, I couldn't resist the pumpkin. I carried it from the market, to NW portland and then home to SE portland. That's pumpkin love.
I brought it home, and hacked it open:

November 054

Scooped out the seeds and gunk.
November 055

Baked at 375F for about an hour.
November 058

Let it cool a bit, and then spooned out the uh, flesh.
November 064

Pureed in two batches (or was it three?) in my food processor..
November 065

Tah dah. Now what?
Last night - pumpkin smoothie! Coming soon, DEOT's pumpkin cinnamon rolls
possibly a curry, and more pumpkin love. Maybe something pumpkin AND cranberry?

November 066


VeggieGirl said...

ahh look at all that beautiful autumn produce!! and I'm still completely intrigued by that purple cauliflower :0)

selina said...

wow thats love.

ive never "played" wth pumpkin thats NOT in a can. if there are some pumpkins next saturday at the farmers market maybe ill get one & "play around".

Michelle said...

ah, i do not own a knife strong enough to hack into a squash without baking it first!

i made the pumpkin saag last night -- but with that carnival squash i picked up two weekends ago. it was super sweeeeet! i guess i shoulda given the pumpkin some love after all!


kayla said...

You just reminded me I have a pumpkin waiting for me at home. I need to have my way with it on my day off. I'm thinking cinnamon rolls, and pumpkin bread. Mmm, carby.

Deirdre said...

your pumpkin is beautiful! and your blog is very inspirational. thank you! i have dreams of moving to portland and living fully in everything that it involves.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Mmmm... I love the look of your breakfast!!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I loved my purple cauliflower as well! I used it in a curry, yum yum.
I have some pumpkins to eat as well, I need to make the pumpkin saag from v-con again, I love it!

veganfabluous said...

Alright that tofu scramble aka stir fry looks so good. I attempted to duplicate another one of your scrambles and it turns out pretty good except my bf reminded me that he doesn't like kalamata olives (shameful!) but I will try this scramble with black olives this weekend!

Mikaela said...

I love the purple-green-black color combo in the "scrambler" :)

The String Bean said...

Ahhh a pumpkin smoothie! I've never had that but it sounds very tasty. What spices do you put in it?

julie hasson said...

It all looks so awesome Jess! Great pumpkin tutorial too. It makes me want to run out to the farmer's market.

b36Kitchen said...

yum pumpkin!! how did you make the pumpkin smoothie????

you could also make pumpkin pudding! i'd eat it everyday.

Ashasarala said...

Pumpkin smoothie? Now there's an awesome idea. I'm just too lazy to make a mess scooping out a pumpkin. So I get the disgusting canned stuff. But organic! :-D

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Megan - Have fun with your next scramble!

The string bean - I flavored it with cinnamon, french vanilla and maple, since I'm out of nutmeg. Allspice would be fun, too.

Jenna - Sometimes I use soy cream, sometimes I don't - but basically it's soymilk, pureed pumpkin, spices, sweetener (maple) and vanilla (french). Last night I made a small wine glass' worth, just as a pumpkin milk - still great!