Monday, September 10, 2007

Sugar Crash

Oh Sugar....

Homemade Coconut and Espresso layer cake with coconut buttercream
Whole Foods Strawberry Buttercream layer cake

Thanks to Aaron for letting me use this photo~
Thanks to everyone who sent warm birthday wishes, especially to those who spent the evening making me smile.

so I turned 25.
The cake recipes were from VCTOTW. I made a coconut buttercream and added raw almonds and toasted coconut.

end of august 07 008
My boss let me pick out this Strawberry Buttercream cake for our work cake break.
Yes, I went to work on my birthday, but only for a half day. I went home, went on a bike ride, had a quick lunch, ran an errand, frosted my cake, cleaned the apartment and then relaxed a bit till meeting my friends.

XV happy hour
I met my friend Jeff at XV for cocktails. Indulgence!
I had the La Suzette - a minty, lemony, tequila cocktail pictured above. We also shared some of the best fries in Portland - yam fries with tomato chutney. After XV, I met more friends at Nutshell, a new vegan restaurant here in Portland. I had gone once before at the pre-opening, and was stoked to try it again on a special occasion (aka turning 25!).

birthday weekend 017
My friend Michelle and I both ordered this hominy, quinoa-y, cumin-y dish with greens. It was delish. If only I remembered the name and actual description...

How about some more sugar?

mint chocolate cupcakes
cupcake order

coconut lime cupcakes
cupcake order

gluten free mexican hot chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse
cupcake order

Just a little something extra - NYC Black & White cookies, from the PPK Cookie Test Kitchen.
That's right, Isa and Terry are working on a cookie book!
coooookies ppk


erica said...

That bowl of soup is smiling at me! I'm glad you had lots n' lots of cake for your birthday.

Veganista said...

OMG, those cakes are to die for! Espresso and chocolate! Billowing strawberry buttercream! And the cupcakes...Wow. Again, happy birthday Jess, and glad you got at least half a day off.

Thanks for your visits lately--always makes my day when I see you've dropped by. :)

Veganista said...

Oops, I meant espresso and COCONUT... Eee, no coffee yet this morning...

Taylor said...

That looks like the happiest birthday ever - lots of cake! Happy birthday, Jess.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Happy B-Day, Jess! Looks like you did it up right!

Emmie said...

Wow, so much sugar, I'd get such a sugar high from all that sweetness. Goooo sugar!

happy birthday!

Kittee said...

so glad to hear you had a nice birthday, jess.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oooh, sugarsugarbuzzbuzz! Everything looks yummy!

Maggie said...

i'm terribly excited at the thought of those black and white cookies. and the idea of a cookie book floating around before veganomicon isn't even out is enough to make me swoon.

happy birthday! glad to see it was filled with cake--not an easy feat for all vegans.

Jessica said...

thanks you guys!!

let me note that I did not eat all this sugar in one day.

the cupcakes were *not* for me, but for an order, and I had half a slice of each cake after my dinner. tah dah!

the black and whites were made on monday night, and given out yesterday. I tried a piece - and whoa, they're good. Memories!

VeggieGirl said...

oh my goodness, those buttercream cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are PHENOMENAL - I'm sooo excited that Isa & Terry are working on a cookie cookbook!! how fun!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! You spent it the way I like to. Feasting on a sugary wonderland.

funwithyourfood said...

aww happy blated birthday!! :)

Jamie said...

Happy birthday! But what I really wanted to say was.... have I ever commented on just how magnificent your food is??!! Honestly, I just come here and sit open mouthed with tastebud arousal or something - the food you eat (or at least what you blog about!!) looks A-MAZE-ZING!!!!! I hope you count yourself lucky to eat such fab vegan food :)

Anonymous said...

wow i have a sugar attack now!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Kati said...

Hey, happy belated birthday! Looks like it was incredibly sweet.

Cherie said...

Those are the best-looking mint choc. cuppers I've seen!

Anonymous said...

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