Monday, June 18, 2007

Stir fries and trifles

Well, I hobbled around way too much this weekend, but other than that it was nice. How could it not be, with broccoli this beautiful? For a $1, organic and local?

Webly and I hit up the farmer's market on Saturday - I got to restock my fridge! It was to the point of me having 3 spears of asparagus and no other vegetable in it.

Shiitakes, portabellas, sugar snap peas, pattypan squash, broccoli, basil, raspberries, strawberries and cherries.

Below are some halved shiitakes and zucchini pieces waiting to be roasted in white wine, tamari, sunflower oil, garlic and pepper. This was a side dish in my previous post.

Part of Multnomah Falls - Thomas had an old friend in town, so we went with them. I should not have gone up the path as far as I did, part I was enjoying myself, so I did. Today = foot pain, plus we had a fire alarm and I had to walk down 9 flight of stairs this morning, ouch..

My first cherries from the farmer's market, on Wednesday.

More cherries from the Saturday market.

Stir fry of freshness. I partially steamed these veggies.

Asian-style seitan o greatness and veggie stir fry, topped with sweet and sour sauce, ala vegan yum yum.

Another quick stir fry of chard, snow peas and carrots over jasmine rice, with a slice of the asian seitan o greatness.
For the seitan, I incorporated 5 spice powder, grated ginger, a ton of crushed garlic, tamari, hoisin, vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce and a ton more of white and freshly ground black pepper.

Chard salad with vegan yum yum tester creamy maple sesame dressing.

Friday night's dinner - balsamic grilled cremini mushrooms and zucchini, fresh chard and 123s and chreese. Yes, I certainly make my own mac and cheez now and then, but the shells and 123s bring back college memories..
As for the mushrooms, I can't get enough of them lately. Last night, we had bruschetta topped portabella burgers, which I want to make again asap. I dig living in a city with local mushrooms, it still amazes me.

Some attempts at vegan yum yum tester cherry trifles, and a strawberry variation.


Judy said...

The trifle looks really tasty - wish I had some.

And I'm totally digging cherries lately too. So sweet and perfect for snacking.

veggiegirl said...

I just went food-shopping today and purchased basically the same fruits & veggies that you did - except seeing them in pictures and cooked up makes them look even better!! yum!!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Judy - I am so on par with you and the cherry snacking. I didn't even realize I liked them till I had them fresh here..

Veggiegirl - let me know if you have any recipe ideas with our similar veggies! So far, I'm thinking this what the shiitakes:

Holler said...

Great photos! The chard salad looked particularly good! I would like a taste of everything please.

Taylor said...

Beautiful falls! What's that jelly looking substance in the vegan trifle?

Briggitte said...

I just got 2 bags full of cherries from the farmers market im excited to make stuff out of them.

Trifles remind me of parfaits im guessing their preety similar.

Anonymous said...

Multnomah Falls looks very impressive.
awesome food!

b36Kitchen said...

i can't wait to find good cherries here in jersey! also take care of that foot!! i had heel surgery to fix a tendon problem a few years ago and of course walked around all on it way more then i should have..the pain!


veggiegirl said...

Recipe ideas for the veggies: I love making tofu stir-frys with the broccoli, mushrooms, chard, etc., and I serve it over quinoa. I also like sauteeing the veggies and mixing them with chickpeas, or mixing in tomato sauce and serving over pasta. I LOVE Road's End mac and 'chreese' (the 123s and the whole-wheat variety), and I like to serve the veggies along with that as a tasty side dish.

Recipe ideas for the fruits: I recently purchased a cherry-pitter (I'm obsessed with it - it's so fun to use, haha), so I've been enjoying my fresh cherries mixed in oatmeal, soy yogurt, smoothies, and just as a snack on their own (same with the strawberries).

I realize these are definitely NOT original/creative recipes, but I'm relatively new to cooking, so this is what I've been able to make so far. I hope these recipe ideas helped though!! I look forward to reading about/seeing pictures of what you make with all the veggies & fruits - your meals are always sooo delicious-looking!!

Judith MacCaellich-Young said...

Oh my! :)
So many good things to eat, thank you for the ideas.
I too am pigging out on cherries, nothing like picking them and eating them straight away!

Carrie™ said...

I have to get out and do some super shopping too. The Farmer's Market here is finally into full swing. Those berries & cherries really caught my eye. Now I really want some. All of your stir-fries look amazing! Now, get some rest and heal up.

erica said...

ooh yum. I've never had a trifle, imagine that. I've been eating chard, arugula, radishes and snap peas from my garden. I love getting up, stretching, and picking some salad for my lunch. My raspberries and strawberries are ripening, too. But I don't do anything with them, I just eat them warm from the sun. ZOMG.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

erica - call me jealous. I am. I totally am.
I'm supposed to go berry picking this weekend though, which makes me feel a bit better ; )

veggiegirl - I've yet to see one of those cherrypitters in action - neat find! I remember vegancore having one a while back. I either use a bobby pin or my fingers, making a lovely mess.
I actually took your idea and made a stir fry over quinoa the night before last - thanks!

Linda said...

oh my god! i want that dessert!

veggiegirl said...

I'm glad you liked the quinoa stir-fry idea, Jess!! if you have any other recipe ideas for the veggies, please lemme know (if you don't mind sharing).

oh and the cherry-pitter is definitely amazing - it's nice not having "bloody-looking" hands anymore, after pitting the cherries :0)

Mikaela said...

Those cherries look kick ass :)

Kate said...

$1 brocolli- You hit the farmers market jackpot! All your food looks fantastic.

Selina said...

Hey Jess I left a comment on the post about the strawberry coffee cake but your recipe doesn't tell how much maple syrup. It just says 1/2 Maple Syrup. I put in 1/2 cup.

It just looked so yummy I decided to make it.

VeggieGirl said...

Hey Jess, veggiegirl here again - except now I have a blog!! Come check it out :0)

P.S. - I've been able to create more stir-frys with your pictures as inspiration. Thanks again!!

Rodrigo said...

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Melody Polakow said...

Wow, everything looks amazing!

Kati said...

Beautiful food, beautiful waterfall. I'm psyched to be moving to waterfall-land in a couple months (aka Ithaca, NY) - one of my favorite things.

What's the difference between a trifle and a parfait, anyway?

P.S. I got that exact same message from Sr. Rodrigo...what's up with the foreign language spam??

bazu said...

How is it possible that your food posts seem to be getting better and better? When will the insanity stop? I just bought a wok and can't wait for the stir-fry-ery to commence.

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