Wednesday, June 13, 2007

If it wasn't for summer produce I'd flat out hate the season

Thomas is coming back to life in the kitchen! Below is his dinner of spanish rice and grilled vegan ham (tube). Perfect grill marks! The ham tube is just too fleshy for me, but I still give it's flavor credit.

Resting and not going to the store soup: Tomato, Vegetable, Red Wine & Chickpea soup with veggie and kamut noodles. Plus, the weather has cooled down and I'm going to pretend it's becoming fall...ahh

Another clean out the cabinets and fridge soup: Carrot and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque.
It's a variation on the VWAV recipe, with red curry.

Low and behold, there's tempeh in the freezer!
I defrosted some overnight, and baked it in a marinade of agave, liquid smoke, mustard, tamari, ginger, garlic and water. Probably more that I'm forgetting..
We had some with breakfast, and then I encrusted/baked the rest in ground dry roasted almonds, herbs and nutritional yeast. It's served with melty Follow your heart mozzerella and garlic roasted romanesco, broccoli and asparagus.

A triangle of baked tempeh, fresh orange, lowfat lemon cornmeal muffin , and a rosemary & cayenne roast of red potatoes yams.

Leftover kamut and veggie pasta (free at VegFest), dished up esme's style. Mmmmmiso.

I finally tried the chocolate chip cookies from Vive Le Vegan! I must say, whoa, these are the chewiest cookies I have EVER made. I cut the fat with some applesauce, and added dried blueberries, chopped almonds, almond extract and coffee grounds.

Speaking of Voo Doo Donuts....
We picked these up a couple days *before* the Seattle trip. Chic-o-stick topping! Sprinkles! Sugar rush!

In other Life news:
-returned from Washington on Thursday night
-medical procedure on Friday, rested all weekend
-returned to work Monday: went to the doctor after and realized I've been limping and in pain because I've sprained part of my foot!
-rested Tuesday and am now on crutches
-Wednesday: at lunch I hobbled to the farmer's market to restock my life with greens, berries and cherries.
-FYI, An Index is now up on Stumptown Vegans. Woo, organization!


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

I agree about summer, it's just too hot for me. Those little doughnuts looks so pretty and I hope you don't have to be on crutches very long. Take care, Jess. :o)

marias23 said...

Wow! I'm not the only one who dreads summer! I grew up in a tropical country where there are only two seasons: hot and hotter, which is why I enjoy non-summer so much! I don't think I can survive summer without farmer markets!

textual bulldog said...

summer sucks, but your cookies are beautiful! i've never tried to make those cookies; must get on that...

p.s. love your blog! :)

Judy said...

Sop and cookies and donuts - Oh My! Looks great!

urban vegan said...

oh my oh my oh my. Jess, you neve rcease to amaze me with the qualit and quantity of food you concoct.

Johanna3 said...

i have this two seasons here like maria said:
hot and hotter

and i really dont like them.

the food looks great!

julie hasson said...

Wow, what a week Jess! I hope you're feeling better!

I agree about summer. I don't like hot weather either. But I do LOVE all of the summer fruits and veggies. It's all I want to eat in the summer time, along with a big pitcher of cold iced tea.

Your food looks fabulous as usual! I should give Esme's pasta sauce a try. It looks really good.

erica said...

You hurt your foot AGAIN? Oh man, Jess!

I miss tempeh. Tell it I miss it, OK?

KleoPatra said...

How is your foot?! Sorry for the pain. Heal soon!!

As for the food... Love it ALL!!! Tempeh is one of my loves in life and donuts. Oh mama.

Sending good and COOl thoughts your way...

Hugs from a warm-weather lover here... send it my way!

Brooke said...

Chic-O-Stick donuts! Yes!