Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Meal Planning

december 053
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Uh oh, I've hit pasta night again..

Whole Wheat spaghetti with fire roasted tomato sauce, steamed spinach and Italian baked tempeh (used the VWAV marinade + a little water and more braggs).

This is the first week in quite a few that I have not had more meal ideas for the week. I know I can think of stuff, but I'm not "oo tempeh tacos monday, lasagna tuesday, baked tofu and salad wednesday" etc. I credit the formerly giant block of frozen tempeh and soup leftovers I've been having for lunch, our kitchen is pretty stocked and it's coming in handy.
I've been doing repeats like white beans, garlic & spinach, mac & cheez and spinach and snacking on noochy popcorn. Last night we had..take out! I rarely, rarely rarely do that (I'm cheap and love cooking), but we were both tired and I felt like cookingmy lunch for tommorow, though not dinner, who knows why.
I really do like meal planning, but it's nice to have a short break. I'm mostly focusing on stocking the apartment for my sister's upcoming visit. Remind me to buy maple syrup!

december 056

Our to go order from Red & Black Cafe - tempeh bacon sandwich with herbed mayo on sourdough, with chips and a pickle. This photo does not do it justice at all, but it's the best damn vegan sandwich in PDX.


Anonymous said...

Is so strange seen a short post from you ! the spaguetti dinner looks good.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Johanna, that's amusing! I try to mix it up, but truly I'm a long post fan myself. This was just my simple ramblings about simple meals for the day, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to remind you to buy maple syrup ! LOL
Maybe that will remind me to buy maple syrup !

Can I envy you about your take-out dinner ? ;-)

Kris said...

Wow, everything this week is fantastic! You are in tempeh heaven! Did you make up the tempeh meatball recipe?

I havne't been to Red and Blacks, but it looks like I'll have to now, Jim loves TLTs!

Cherie Anderson said...

mmm, pasta!!!!
i haven't had that in a while. yours looks great!

Kate said...

Very yummy. I commend you on having a well stocked kitchen, mine is pretty barren at the moment.

b36Kitchen said...

Thanks for reminding ME to buy maple syrup! I'm a big weekly meal planner also. I just havn't been able to do it in a few weeks. Next week.


funwithyourfood said...

I've never tried to plan out meals before; well except for xmas and thanksgiving. I'm worried that i'll have everything planned out then feel like making something different haha


Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

What a great idea for the tempeh ..I never thought to put it on spaghetti. I should do that soon as a quick meal.


michelleknits said...

i wanted to tell you that i finally went to nicolas!!!

oh my god!!!! i loved it!!!!

Urban Vegan said...

We had take out last week, too, after a long work day. Like you, I'm cheap (only eat out on weekends) and I like to cook. But sometimes, you have to do it.

Ironically, when we got takeout,it was an insanely busy nite at Govinda's and we neded up waiting 40 minutes for our sandwiches! They were great--but did not quell my desire for immediate vegan satisfaction!

karen said...

The spaghetti with spinach and tempeh looks so good. I get the best tasting nutritional yeast at a health food store here in the bulk bins.

My friend and I were so proud of ourselves navigating Brooklyn. We've always relied on other people to get us there.

Rachel said...

Mmmm, the food you make always looks so delicious. I would like to cook more, but living in the South makes ingredients hard to find (they should call it the Bacon Belt, not the Bible Belt). But your blog is way cool (fyi).

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

True, that tempeh bacon is a quality sammich. In my inflexibly unhumble opinion, however, I would have to rate the Tube's Ham n' cheez panini as Portland's best veg sammich. I just can't say no to its greasy veggie ham log/sultry melty follow your heart advances. Not to mention its sexy garlicky Vegennaise attire.