Monday, November 20, 2006

Sweet Potato Pie Casserole


Sweet potato pie is my all time favorite dish of my mom's- from childhood, teenage years, college breaks - and now I make it in her memory.

This is her recipe, minus the eggs - it's actually a casserole, but we still called it pie. Maybe you're in for the filling, the topping or both, it's such perfection in my eyes and mouth.

I made a half batch yesterday for a vegan potluck (I'll post those photos soon), and had fun with the topping:

I love reading menus, so I'd like to hear your thanksgiving plans, to those celebrating. This will be my 4th all-vegan thanksgiving, and I'm ridiculously looking forward to it.

Biscuits and Gravy
Steamed Green Beans
Balsamic Glazed Cremini mushrooms
Maple cranberry sauce (Thomas is making, I've never had homemade)
Tofurkey (basted in sparkling apple cider, garlic, thyme, braggs, rosemary)
Super Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato pie casserole (mini)
Pumpkin tofu pie
Apple crumb pie

After being teased about eating tofurkey on thanksgiving in the past and wondering what it actually was, I tried it for the first time last year and it was pretty great. I've been looking forward to having my own go at it for a year now~ The sparkling cider idea is inspired by Webly, who marinaded hers in pear cider last year - but that's her story to tell. I'm looking forward to the cranberry sauce, albeit I LOVE the canned (which also comes in organic, vegan varieties) but Thomas wants the 'pops'.
I'm probably forgetting something very obvious..


erica said...

The obvious thing you're forgetting - is the kitchen sink!

This will be my first vegan thanksgiving, I'll be at my mom & dad's house in Vancouver (wa). They aren't vegan, but are used to having to make a separate batch of everything for me, anyway, for the last twelve years (since I became vegetarian). I'm taking over some sweet potato pie and vegan cheesecake and see if I can't further win them over with deelish vegan food.

Eat Peace Please said...

This sounds wonderful Jess. I like your version of the pie, looks great. The menu you have planned would make me ridiculously look forward to coming over! What a feast.

Melissa said...

Lots of food! I love the idea of sparkling apple cider for basting! It all sounds so delicious. I already had Thanksgiving but I look forward to seeing all the American feasts!

Urban Vegan said...


Webly said...

I would have enjoyed eating that much more than hearing about how Brian and I should make babies...
I am going to try marinading the tofu for 2 days like someone on lj had suggested. Tomorrow night the tofuky is going into the plastic bag with the cider and some garlic.

HEY! I wanted to tell you how I was thinking about making a to-phe. it would be temphe stuck inside the tofu. Like the turk-duck-en. Maybe it could be made with satan like a sa-to-phe...

Anonymous said...

I love your menu!!! I really wish I lived close enough to invite myself over. I've also always been a fan of sweet potato pie/casserole type things and love the whole pecans on top. MMMMMMmmmmmm!

raising_kahne said...

Wow. Jess, this all looks amazing! If I can find all the things in time, Id love to bring this to our family's Thanksgiving! Your menu sounds awesome. Where do you get your recipe for biscuits and gravy?? As far as sharing my menu, I hate to bore you because Im mostly making side dishes because my family is not very supporting so they probably wont eat 'my' stuff. But here's what Im planning:

-Lemon and herb roasted potatoes
-PPK's cornbread
-steamed vegetables(corn, peas, carrots)
-Amy's baked beans(not homemade) for myself
-VWAV's pumpkin muffins
I wanted to make cupcakes, but I dont have VCTOTW yet. : ( So Ill probably make the Fudgy Brownies from VLV.

Anonymous said...

I've never ever had a sweet potato pie. I'm guessing it tastes something like a pumpkin pie? which case, I'm all for it~!

Anonymous said...

navy bean pumpkin soup with rosemary oil drizzle
"faux turkey" seitan
tempeh scallopine
herbed mashed parsnips & potatoes
cranberry sauce/mushroom gravy
smoky collard greens
maple roasted brussel sprouts
corn muffins
dessert - remains to be seen - a friend will bring it and hasn't decided yet...

Vicki said...

Thanksgiving @ your home sounds delicious! & the pecan pattern is so pretty on that top pic - the bottom pic makes my mouth totally water. :o)

Old-Fashioned Bread Stuffing
Idaho Mashed Potatoes
Mi-So Good Gravy!
Best Brussels Sprouts
Curly Kale with Caramelized Onions
Cut-out Spelt Biscuits
Tofurky Roast
Cliff's Cranberry Sauce
Art's Sweet Potatoes
Easiest Apple Pie
Pumpkin Tofu Pie

zelineuh said...

I need to make this pie! I wish Chaz wasn't a pecan-hater. :|

bazu said...

First of all, that sweet potato casserole looks so so so good. What's not to love? I could have some for breakfast right now!
Which takes us to the second point, I still don't have a menu thought up yet! This is my 4th vegan Thanksgiving too! Is it just going to be you two? Here, it's just the two of us. I might just have to steal your ideas, minus the Tofurkey. It actually looks ok to me, but I haven't yet felt the urge to actually buy it. =)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Okay, bought the tofurkey on sale, and with my 55 cent coupon from the holiday fair it only came to $6.94. So at least that's the cheapest I've seen around for something we'll hopefully like.

I'm going to use Webly's 2-day marinading idea, since I'm pretty clueless about the tofurk, and I put it in the fridge to defrost after buying it last night.

This is probably my favorite meal of the year, it was always a day to eat sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits and jellied cranberry sauce and hang out with family that I liked (for the most part), so my thanksgiving memories are pretty darn fond.

I might add or take something off of our menu to include a cashew mac and cheese..possibly..

Zelineuh! The sweet potato mash is good as is, I don't understand non-nut eaters! Well, I get not liking things, but still
: )

Raising_kahne - Lemon and Herb roasted potatoes is an excellent idea - it's a dish I forget I like so much till I'm sick of the other roasted potato combos and say a little eureeka!

Bazu - So far it's only the two of us, but it might be more. As much as I am not a big leftover person, I need a feast on thanksgiving, plus we'll totally eat it for lunch and dinner that day.

Megan - There are sweet potato pie recipes very similar to pumpkin, but this is more of a sweet mash, crustless, with a nut topping on top, actually that's just what it is.

Wiebke - Which seitan recipe are you making? I want to see pics!

Vicki - I want to hear how you make your tofurkey, I'm so excited about this crazy fake.

I really like hearing all of this!

laura jesser said...

You are in for a wonderful treat with homemade cranberry sauce--to me, the canned stuff is no comparison.

Thanks for sharing your sweet potato "pie" recipe... How special that you modified your mom's recipe!

Looking forward to my first vegan Thanksgiving...

Amber said...

Sweet potato's are the perfect veggie! so versital...
Your menu looks great btw! I have no idea what I'm having for thatnksgiving!

Taylor said...

I love sweet potato souffle - that's what it's called all over the South. Lot of people put marshmallows on top. It's like candy.

Anonymous said...

great photos and wonderfull menu. this will be my first vegan/ vegetarian thansgiving. i know some things will be different than the Usa people but i cant wait to do it.

toxicpimpsmack said...

my first vegan "thanksliving"
our menu is
garlic mashed potatoes
roasted vegetable dish (carrots, fennel, sweet potatoes, etc...)burekas with mushroom sauce (this is an appetizer)
Pineapple fried rice
Potato, turnip, carrot gratin with garlic herb sauce?
Braised Asparagus
Glazed carrots
tofurkey with stuffin
and "swet potato casserole"

Anonymous said...

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