Wednesday, November 08, 2006

bbq bbq bbq bbq

All of the barbeque sauce you will notice in this post is a test recipe for next fall's new PPK book.

Indeed, I may never buy bottled sauce again.
Collard rolls filled with bbq sauce, black eyed peas, cremini mushrooms and more chopped collard greens - another test recipe. I accompanied it with breaded and fried tofu (breadcrumbs, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, sea salt, pepper, spike & sweet paprika), hot sauce and maple mustard roasted red kuri squash, yukon gold potato and turnip.

BBQ seitan ribs, steamed kale with squash seeds and sea salt, corn and raw carrots. The rib recipe is from, available here.
I've made it a bunch, and guarantee how easy it is!
Baked BBQ tofu squares, short grain brown rice and grilled yellow bell pepper and green beans. The veggies were tossed in olive oil and lemon juice before grilling (all grilling in my apartment takes place on my small George Foreman grill, by the way).
  • The tofu was marinaded in braggs and a little bit of maple syrup and chopped garlic, baked at 400F for 15 minutes on each side, and then baked for 10 more minutes on each side after being brushed with a lot of sauce.

Pre-vegan, I had a big thing Gouda. So much so that I've eaten gouda, in Gouda, when I studied in the Netherlands.
So, I made some Smoked Gouda from the Uncheese Cookbook. It doesn't really taste like gouda, it's more of a savoury spread, but it has that smoked-quality and it did the trick for wine snacking.

Baked tempeh bacon, field greens, brandywine sliced tomato (no it hasn't gone bad!), some smushed avocado and Vegenaise on fantastic artisan rye bread from New Seasons - organic, to boot!

Roasted Garlic Tomato Rice soup - Tommy's new favorite soup? This is also from the Post Punk Test Kitchen. I see us making it A LOT this winter.
Wheat-free chocolate chip cookies from The Real Food Daily Cookbook. The were a little too oaty for my tastes, but were good enough when heated. There's a half a plate just sitting on our kitchen table, though..
I currently have this book out from the library and have 2 more recipes in mind..

Now, as you can see, my blog is primarily a vegan food porn blog, however, I couldn't find my battery charger last Sunday and made something I'd like to tell all of you lovely people about because I was really proud - I'd never worked with filo or dried mushrooms before.
It was a varaiation of a recipe from the Real Food Daily book, which in turn is a variation on spanakopita . They were stuffed triangles of organic fillo dough, filled with roasted garlic tofu ricotta (vwav - though there is another recipe in RFD), sauteed spinach, wild mushrooms and bell pepper with garlic and oregano. I also made some with ricotto and sauteed eggplant, and a few with 'gouda' and black beans. To dip, I had homemade sundried tomato sauce and a spinach/basil pesto. And that's that.. onto t-day meal ideas
- next weekend I'm going to a vegan potluck and the Vegan Holiday Festival here in Portland.


Anonymous said...

mmm...I haven't made those BBQ ribs in a long time. You've reminded me to try them again soon.

madeinalaska said...

oh my goodness.. CAN I PLEASE COME TO YOUR HOUSE FOR DINNER???? I would never be so forward to invite myself over ever but, damn (Oops that slipped, I just got so exited, I could help but throw in a swear word) all of your food looks TO DIE FOR!!!

funny I haven't blogged it yet, but last night we had bbq seitan for dinner.

You truly are my vegan hero!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Megan - here is your official extra reminder - make em! I didn't like them at first, but then I overcooked a batch and really fell for em.

Madeinalaska - You bring a big smile to my face! You have a welcome for dinner anytime, also : )
I will check out your bbq seitan, too.

Mary Jane Vaughn said...

Can I get the recipe for the Roasted Garlic Tomato Rice soup?

I looked all over and can't find it. It looks so yummy!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Hi Mary Jane - thanks for the visit - unfortunately the roasted garlic soup recipe is not available to the public right now - I am a tester for next year's Post Punk Kitchen book and this is a photo of one of my test runs. Look forward to next fall, though!

Brown said...

Where did you live in Boston. From what I can see this city is not veg friendly at all. I don't recall any vegan restaurants or specialty stores? You? You must be in heaven living on Portland.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Brown - I lived downtown, Mission Hill, East Cambridge and in Davis Square. When I was there, Boston was certainly not as veg friendly as Portland is, but it has its perks. I've had several roach sitings at Grasshopper, but I did love the place beforehand. Next door is TJ's pizza which had a vegan menu in the last year or so I was there, and now is apparently all vegan. In Central Square, I adore 1369 coffeehouse (couple vegan snacks) and Harvest Coop - I used to get bagels with soy spread of vegan wraps or hot food on my way to work all the time. Even fancypants Sonsie's on Newbury has a mostly non-dairy thing going on and will prepare vegan meals - such as miso tofu, garlic foccacia and grilled portabellas. Veggie Planet in Harvard Sq. has a fun vegan brunch menu, 'different' pizzas and vegan coffeecake. Doesn't blow my tastebuds but did the trick.
The health store on the corner of Charles Street and ...I forget - where CVS and the t stop..well it's seen better days but it has a few handy things and very decent breads, organic veggies, etc. I did a lot of my shopping at the Trader Joe's in Coolidge and the one downtown, or Whole Foods in East Cambridge or downtown, depending where I lived..
In Davis Square, I <3 Blue Shirt Cafe - I always got the Little Italy sandwich, minus the cheese, plus tofu - I still miss it! And Buddha's will always have a place in my heart, as it was the first vegetarian restaurant I ever went to.

Brown said...

I live in Davis Sq actually. I love Deisel cafe, ever been? I am sure you have. I have never eaten at the blue t shirt, but I will try it now. I am always at the Whole Foods and Harvard Coop in Central, the coop has the best selection in the area. But thanks for all of your recomendations, like I said I don't know a single veg here so I really have nobody to ask. Thanks again. You blog is the best.

Vicki said...

wow jess, all this food looks so delicious - especially lovin the stuffed collards. we almost missed our train stop at Gouda -- the "G" has an "H" sound. There was an awesome cheese & farmer's market in the square.

Kris said...

Wow, I'll have to try those bbq ribs, Jim would love that.

I may have to do a test run on that Gouda recipe. I was a big Gouda head, myself. I love the cashew cheddar cheese from RFD, but it's a hard cheese and I'd like a spread. Also, the RFD ricotta is very good (I recently made stuffed shells and calzones with it), but it's very creamy, more like a dip.

Congrats on your success with filo dough! I haven't done much with it myself.

I'll be at the Vegan Holiday Festival next weekend, too, so hopefully I'll see you!

Urban Vegan said...

I've been relying on Trader Jpoe's BBQ sauce--it's the only one I like, but I look forward to Isa's new concotion.

Vanessa (of vanesscipes) said...

Food porn indeed! These pics certainly made me pause, reflect, drool, in my daily internet purusal.

Webly said...

That BBQ sauce looks wonderful!
Thanks for the link on your site.

Anonymous said...

i do the BBQ ribs , but mine turn hard, your looks so good, any secret?. i follow the recipe in the site but mine was so flat and gummy lol.
the sauce looks just perfect.

Kate said...

Wow, the ribs look so much better then the "real thing". Your food looks so amazing, i am drolling...
I can not wait untill I can get my hands on teh BBQ sauce recipe.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Brown - Yes, I do remember Diesel - they had my all time favorite coffee drink - the accelerator - and honestly, I am not a coffee/caffeine drinker, it was just that good. I actually had my internship during college next door, at Young Audiences. I used to work at JP Lick's when it first replaced Denise's - that was an experience..

Vicki - Aw, 'Houda', that brings back memories! Dank u wel~

Kris - You should definitely try the ribs, they are such a perfect accompanient to 'healthy' food too such as greens, which balances some things out~
I actually made the cashew cheddar last night - man did it become a block quickly! I like the taste enough, but want to try it melty, mac n cheez style too. I also want to try it shredded over tacos. It's tasty, but I don't know if I like this one, or the smoked gouda more..

UrbanVegan - I've wanted to try the TJ's sauce, good to know it's veg!

Vanessa - Thanks for the visit!

Webly - I like your popcorn photo, and of course I linked you.

Johanna3 - I have no idea if I have a secret..but I hear that sometimes it depends on having the freshest vital wheat gluten? I think I use Bob's Red Mill..maybe Arrowhead Mills. Try baking them for less time? Also, I slather them in a lot of sauce afterwards.

Kate - It took me a while to really appreciate this recipe, at first it was solely my boyfriend's favorite, but I came to find them tasty and not be grossed it (because they're not actually meaty) & it's a nice change from bbq tofu.

Pixie said...

I love all the food you that you share pics of. I have to ask,though, since I am so new to your site. Where do you get the recipes for all those yummy looking desserts? That is the one thing that I have trouble with as far as vegan goes. I love to bake, but changing my baking style is a work in progress. Could you share your secret?

Anonymous said...

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