Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I've been tagged by Teddy at Funwithyourfood.

This is a list of 5 general foods that I adore, and wish for others to try:

1) Coconut (milk cream, flakes, candies, cookies, cake!)

2) Mint (think soy cream, cocktails, desserts, fresh, tea)

3) Muir Glen Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes (I have a problem with these - though it's been at least 5 months since I've had them)

4) Garlic (organic, local need I say more?)

5) Tofu (local, organic, bulk is usually the best)

Runners up - homemade tempeh bacon, peanut butter, tropical source chocolate chips, freshly baked french baguette, cremini mushrooms, organic Oregon blueberries. Something I'd *like* to try is Italian food, in Italy, while not being too sick to enjoy it. Oh, and *good* olive oil.
-I bought the pictured food processor yesterday - a 10 cup Black & Decker bad boy. Didn't you know food processors are male?
I finally worked up the courage to open it and put it together later in the night and accidentally broke a piece - so I'm exchanging it today. I'm proud that not only is this my adult/serious cooking birthday gift to myself, that I passed on the cheapest version and a brand that I'm not thrilled about (Hamilton Beach - my blender is eh), and that it's swanky black.
-I also want to give a strong product warning for Soy Dream Mint Chocolate Chips, because it's awful. It's like rice cream but even more unbearable. Stick to Double Rainbow on that one, folks.


EatPeacePlease said...

I could have given you the ice cream warning Jess! And a perfect description, I must say!

Way to go on the food processor. Mine's a big strong male, I've had mine for about 6+ years now. If you don't break it again (hee hee, I'm being sarcastic) I am sure you will love it. Think of just those top 5 favorite foods and what you could do with them in the processor! I am. I keep mine out on the countertop all the time (next to the blender which I also use all the time). Can't wait to see what you will be "processing".

Carrie™ said...

Holy crap! I forgot fire-roasted tomatoes on my list. Good call.

Vicki said...

nice list & i gotta agree on the coconut. w/o warning, our cab pulled over in jamaica & a man w/a machete jumped out of the bushes. driver says in broken, "you like coconut?" h*ll yes! so the dude in a loin cloth tosses the coconut in the air & slices it open on the fall down! kid you not. then hands us each a half to drink & eat. yes, add coconut to my list.
congrats on buying yourself something nice & masculine that you'll love for your birthday! :o)

Harmonia said...

Awesome list! LOVE the fod processor pic, too!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Leslie - Do you think I can save the soy cream in some sort of a chocolate mint chip soyshake? Will it be even worse? I don't want to throw it out, but I don't think anyone else will go for it (plus I'll feel bad giving it to someone in the name of a bad image for soy cream).
I am *so* excited about the food processor - pesto and breadcrumbs and probably stuffed mushrooms are at the top of my list. And the dough hook gets me smiling too!

Carrie - How could you!?!?!? : )

Vicki that is a stunning story! I want a moment like that someplace tropical~ And thank you!

Harmonia - good to hear from you! This photo is just from the website, but I'll be sure to take photos of my newly assembled machine soon! What's the link for your new site again?

Shananigans said...

I love all your food picks. Don’t think I’ve ever had those Muir Glen tomatoes but they sound awesome, bet they’re great for making soups and stews with. I love coconut, but I try not to use it too often because of the sat. fat and calories issue.

vicki – great coconut story from Jamaica! Good thing the guy just wanted to give you a coconut. I don’t know what I would have thought about a dude in a loincloth with a machete jumping out of the bushes. It’s like out of a movie.

I just got a food processor last weekend. Mine, however, did not come with a dough hook. I've been using it daily though and am pretty pleased with it so far. No more crying over onions, yay!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Shananigans - I am truly glad I forget about coconut milk for months due to the fat content - I usually buy reduced fat or low fat coconut milk from TJ's though.

funwithyourfood said...

Thanks for posting your top 5!

I've never had the crushed tomatoes before but sounds like I might have a problem with them too!

I'm excited for you to start working with the food processor.

Let us know :)


Harmonia said...

V.O. says it's your Birthday! If this report is true (lol) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! At least I think that's you? (jessd???)

There's a note in the general chat area for you.

Oh...I almost missed this note...my url again is:


Anonymous said...

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