Monday, September 18, 2006

The beauty of a salad, crossed with a KNISH

More Isa inspired pizza - with VWAV pizza sauce (SO GOOD), dough, pesto blobs, fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, red peppers and mushrooms. Mushrooms and sliced tomatoes are my top two favorite pizza toppings by far + the mandatory sprinkle of oregano, crushed red pepper flakes and chopped garlic.Same base with FYH mozzerella (cover it with foil for part of baking, then broil), roasted or sauteed eggplant-I forget which this time, basil, pine nuts, chopped tomatoes and mushrooms. I actually preferred the non-cheez version.
What's this? Why, a VWAV knish. I made a large roasted garlic and carmelized onion version with Thomas, and a smaller roasted garlic version for myself.
These knishes are in the first three recipes I made from VWAV - I don't recall the exact order but other two were tempeh bacon and the classic pancakes, then I was more than hooked.Knish, organic ketchup, sesame green beans minus the sesame and roasted corn on the cob.I don't think I've posted this yet - it's sweet and savory tofu scramble from a couple weeks back. This was made using those two little bell peppers I showed a few posts back. There's also biscuits and gravy and steamed yellow wax beans.I received tomatillos in my csa share and was nervous about what to do with them. I threw a few in scrambles, but then went all out for a true salsa verde: The salsa verde is on the left, the recipe I used is here. It's one of the spiciest things I've ever made, and I cut the heat in half and added some cherry tomatoes! I do actually like things spicy, on top of that.
Still pretty tasty - I added a bit of lime juice and squirt of agave to cut the heat.
On the right is some organic medium salsa that was storebought, and a plate of nachos with fyh cheddar. I swear I'm done with the fake cheez kick...I just had this craaaving.My food processor thinks it's the star of the show - here it is prior to pulsing a chunky eggplant-tomato dip. The recipe is from New Seasons Market, Thomas and I tasted it there and he wanted the recipe. It has eggplant too, which I've mentioned that he isn't a fan of. If anyone wants I can repost it at a later time.On french baguette slices hanging out in the sun.Italian baked cubed tofu. <3 This is for yesterday & today's lunch salads.
The holy bed of salad greens (no spinach indeed). I was inspired to throw green beans in from a salad on yellow rose recipes. To think I'd never included them before, for shame. These fresh ones (haricot verts) have the perfect crunch.
Okay, that's it from me till later next week when I return from my trip.


Carrie™ said...

I've been so far behind on my own blogging and even farther behind on checking out everyone else. Wow!! I can't believe your photos. Soooo delicious looking. You've been really busy, but everything looks well worth the effort you must have put into it. Yummers!

EatPeacePlease said...

This is crazy stuff Jess! It all looks wonderful. You made me laugh when you said no spinach in your salad!

Those knishes sound wonderful and I'd love to make them... my damn oven won't let me! I haven't seen them made before and this is making me want to have them even more.

Great post, I am glad you made salsa verde with those tomatillos... good choice!

Just call me Orangie said...

mmm....everything looks so yummy! How did you bake the tofu? I normally purge, then marinate mine in soy sauce and garlic (sometimes some ginger & wasabi too), then bake until browned.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Carrie - All of this is spread out from a week, I swear : )

Leslie - Have you ever had a knish?? They are one of my favorite childhood foods - we used to get them at hot dog trucks (oh man) and jewish diners - mmmmmm. This isn't quite the fried verion I remember, but it fills my potato-carb side need. I made a really small one for myself, fortuntaely. Your, poor, poor ovenless days : (

Orangie - This tofu was cooked really similarly. It was marinaded in a extra lemony version of the VWAV Italian tofu marinde, but cubed instead of sliced. Yes, I did drain & press. It's baked 25 minutes while tossed a few times, then broiled about 10 minutes. I like it browned as well~

Anonymous said...

I've never had knishes or tomatillos before. I'm going to have to make a point of finding both of these items. I just can't get into the pizza thing. I don't know why either. I'd like to say it's because it's a lot of work but that's a joke because I spend a lot of time doing other things instead (like making my own ice cream). Maybe it's because I just haven't found the right recipe. I really need to get VWAV.

Anonymous said...

that looks so good!
love your blog!
have fun on the east coast.
try new harmony in philadelphia if you can.

The Urban Granola said...

wow, that looks like some good eats! I especially am jealous of all the yummy pizza, I really could eat pizza all the time. I love mushrooms on pizza too, especially with lots of arugula and onions... mmm...

Anonymous said...

Yuor photos are amazing! what a beauty!

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

ah, cover THEN broil! now, why didn't I think of that? I keep scratching my head in the kitchen thinking, "man! i love this stuff but it just won't melt for me, what' the secret?!" lol.

this post may be responisble for making my addiction to FYH's Moz. much more gripping than before! :)

such a great post, so many wonderful and yummy looking pics!

you rock!

kris said...

It all looks heavenly. I love the knish. I need to try them. I make pierogi a lot, so I haven't really thought of it, but the new texture would be welcome.

Beautiful post, as usual! Enjoy your trip! You should try to go to Vegan Treats, it's only a little ways out from Philly. It would be sad to be that close and miss their goods.

Mary said...

Re: the tomatillos

There's a great tomatillo guacamole recipe in the new moosewood classics cookbook. I made it once and it was absolutely delicious!

Like a thinner, tangier guacamole.sugarliz

Vicki said...

it all looks wonderful, jess!

Harmonia said...

Miss you!

sigma957 said...

I love VwaV! I recently made the pizza sauce and dough and we loved it. Her chickpea-broccoli casserole is great too.

I meant to post earlier, it sounds like you moved from one vegie heavean area to another. I love the Seven Corners New Seasons.

(SE Portland)

madeinalaska said...

that is an insane ammount of truly yummy looking food!!
take care..
love your blog

eesh said...

wow! i've been so behind on my blogging and cooking lately but seeing your site makes me feel so bad! I need to get back into action. Your pictures are amazing! I wish my oven worked to make pizza! I haven't had pizza in so long. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your site. =D

Jody from VegChic said...

What a great looking spread there! So many things I would like to try...

The tomatillos look so interesting. I love tomatillo sauce and I've been thinking about making some on my own. Unfortunately, I've been intimidated to try it. Maybe some time soon.

Hope your trip went well!

Harmonia said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about your trip and see you in Veggin Out!

bazu said...

Oh my god. I just woke up, am still a little drowsy, and seeing your photos almost made me fall out of my chair! SO beautiful. Your food is always so inspiring.

funwithyourfood said...

great huge post!!
the salad is the last thing I saw and now i really want one.
Homemade salsa verde is great. i'm glad you gave it a shot